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Got2b Got2Be Gardian Angel Heat protect N Blow out

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it's ok


I like the smell of this heat protector, but I didn't like how it felt in my hair. It made my hair feel sticky, even after using my straightener. It didn't seem to really help protect my hair from heat either. I was getting split ends and frizzy hair as though I wasn't even using a heat protector.



got2b guardian angel heat protect and blowout ...


Overall, for me this product was average. Honestly, maybe it is because I do not know what I am looking for in a heat protector and also I cannot really tell if it works anyways? However, I love the smell ... so far, got2be has two heat protectant sprays ... this one that is for the "HEAT PROTECT'N BLOW OUT" and the other for "Curls" and for me, when I looked at the ingredients, they look about exactly the same but in a different order. SO to me, right away, I feel they are the same product but the manufacturer wants you to believe they are different so you need more than one ... it is a way of making prospective buyers buy more than one. I thought that was stupid and cheezy. ANyhow, the directions say to spray on your hair right before you are applying the heat. I love that it smells sooo good (and the scent is temporary and does not last long so that you do not have to worry about smelling like it all day even though it smells good just in case you are trying to smell like something else if you know what I mean?). Otherwise, that is the only thing I can say good about it. I have NOT noticed any LESS damage to my hair while using it. I have long brown asian hair and I have tried to not use a lot of heat on my hair as it is however, when I do, I still see that it gets damaged regardless of whether I use this or not. SO I say this is an average product and hey ... if you are curious, only get ONE bottle since all the ingredients are the same .... don't do like me and get them all just to find out they are all the same ingredients but just in a different order.

Charlotte, NC


protect n blow out


I do like using got2b products and got the blow out protector to try.  I have used the hair spray and the flat iron protector they have and love the way it makes my hair feel.  I blow dry my hair a lot, every time I wash it I blow dry it.  I thought the blow out was work as well, but it did not.  I spray a little in my hair the first time and blow dried it.  I could feel the product in my hair after it was dried.  It felt stiff and made my hair thick.  After that I flat ironed my hair and used some flat iron balm with it.  I could tell that using both of these products made my hair oily.  I used the blow out spray a second time and it still did not work for me.  I use only a little the second time and it still made my hair stiff and oily.  The blow out spray does have a nice smell and it is not too overwhelming like other hair products can be.  I just do not like my hair to feel stiff and like I have too much spray in it.

Myrtle Beach, SC


Got2Be heat protect N blow out is a very good product


I never used heat protecting sprays before I used my flat iron or hair dryer until now.  The only ones I have tried where the silicone sprays and they always left my hair heavy and flat and in need of a wash. I just purchased Got2Be Gardian Angel Heat Protect N Blow Out  spray for use with any hot appliances.  I just spray the section of hair before I style with my hair dryer, or even on dry hair before I use my flat iron.  IT leaves it shiny and silky and it smells so good you just want to keep spraying it.  I really do like it very much and will continue to use this product.  I have tried various products from this Got2Be line and I have to say that they are all great!  This is the very best line I have ever used where I can't find anything that I don't like about it.  I have recommended it to everyone I know and will continue to do so.  Normally I am the type of girl who does not like anything in my hair because I like it to feel as clean as it looks but with these products it still does just that.

Johnston, RI


Got2b Got2Be Gardian Angel Heat protect N Blow out

3.3 4