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Frozen Fish Fillets
Gorton's Potato Crunch Fish Fillets

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Don't let this winner be the one that got away!


I consider myself to be a food enthusiast who enjoys and appreciates a lot of different types of food.  However, for some reason I tend to be a little *persnickety* about breaded fried fish.  Although I have tasted many great versions of this classic food, I'm not automatically crazy about all of them.  Fortunately for us, Gorton's of Gloucester has been in the business of pleasing persnickety seafood enthusiasts since 1849 and they have come up with some great ideas, including ***Gorton's Potato Crunch Fish Fillets***.  What can I say but a resounding **YUM**!  The concept is simple -- ten lovely, carefully cut fillets of tender, flaky white pollock coated with real potato breading which really delivers what the package promises, namely "*real potato, great potato chip flavor!*"  **STATS:** Two fillets are considered to be a single serving containing 240 calories with 130 calories from fat.  There are 14 grams Total Fat, 4 grams Saturated Fat, zero Trans Fat, 25 mg. Cholesterol, 790 mg. Sodium, 150 mg. Potassium, 20 g. Total Carbs, 2 grams Dietary Fiber, 3 grams Sugars and 9 grams Protein, along with 2% (D.V.) Calcium and 4% Iron.  **TASTE TIP:** Gorton's recommends that this lovely product be baked in a conventional oven and specifically cautions against microwaving.  Lazy reprobate that I am, I went ahead and microwaved anyway.  Turns out that (as far as my microwave is concerned) all it takes is less than two minutes to bring ***Gorton's Potato Crunch Fish Fillets*** to the point of perfection -- delicately crunchy but tender and easy to eat as well.  As with all fish I prepare for myself, I seasoned it with a dash of lemon juice.  It's really hard to describe how fantastic this product is.  It wasn't easy to stick to the two fillet single servings.  Someday, if there is a Heaven and I get to it -- and I don't have to worry about calories anymore -- I hope that someone will let me eat two whole boxes of ***Gorton's Potato Crunch Fish Fillets*** because they are that good!      

Oak Park, IL


Gorton's Potato Crunch Fish Fillets

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