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Lean entree
Gorton's Grilled Salmon

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Good Salmon


I'm not too fond of fish but am trying to eat healthier so I decided to try Gorton's Grilled Salmon. I have to say that it is pretty darn tasty! The salmon fillets were a nice size at about three ounces each. I loved how tender and moist they were. I was afraid that they might be a little dry, but they were not. I really like the seasoning that they used, it was very flavorful. Thanks to Gorton's Grilled Salmon, I will be adding fish to my diet more often!



Too dry to come from the sea.


I am on a high protein plan - at times. It can get boring so I like to shake things up a bit. Salmon for me, in the mornings can be a welcome change to my normal egg white omelet. I enjoyed Gorton's Grilled Salmon because it is quick and easy. It also has a nice flake factor to it. It is lightly seasoned yet, not salty. It is also high in protein and low in fat. I also eat it because it is pretty much already pre portioned for me. I do have a few small gripes with Gorton's Grilled Salmon though. My first is that the portions are a bit small for the actual cost of the product. and although it flakes well, it is also a little bit on the dry side. Overall, I still purchase it when I am on a health kick. I also purchase it when I can find a coupon for it. Although, I do not purchase it on a regular basis, it tastes pretty decent and has the nutritional value that I want and need. I like it but, I don't love it.



Delicious, healthy grilled salmon...but so pricy!


I've run hot and cold with fish over the years.  When I was growing up, I loved it - I'd happily eat any seafood put in front of me.  From my teens through my early 20s, though, I went through a phase where I could not stand fish. I don't know why, but the idea of eating it nearly gagged me. Recently, however, I've found myself craving fish again.  I wanted to find something a little healthier than my usual breaded fillets, but still quick and convenient to keep in my freezer.  I had tried and enjoyed some other Gorton's products and enjoyed them, so I picked up this grilled salmon. Now, I'm not very experienced with salmon.  Growing up, my mother made salmon patties, which I enjoyed, but aside from a bite of a friend's entrée at a restaurant, I'd never really had salmon in any other form.  I had heard of the health benefits of salmon, though, and it looked good, so I opted to take a gamble and taste it. I'm really glad I did! These grilled salmon fillets are delicious. They cook up moist, and firm yet tender.  They are delicately seasoned and have that perfect grilled flavor to them.   The fillets are a bit on the small side - each roughly the size of a deck of cards. They have only 100 calories each, though, so I didn't feel bad eating both of them along with a side of fresh veggies. Overall, I would recommend the grilled salmon for the taste, but they are very small for the price.  

Wabash, IN


Gorton's Grilled Salmon

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