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Gorton's Fried Clams

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Trust the Gorton's Fishermen? Not me.


I would so like to be able to give Gorton's Fried Clams a good review, but there is no way I can do that. I will never feel comfortable putting these fried clams on my family dinner table. Frozen fried foods, especially frozen fried seafood, should be able to be prepared and packaged for a buyer to purchase, prepare at home and enjoy. Not so for the Gorton's Frozen Clams. I have tried these clams at least three or four times. Each time hoping they would taste good. But each time this was not the case. I followed the directions on the package but the end result always ended up a plate full of bread coating and a very small amount of clam. I understand that just about any frozen seafood is not going to stand a chance to come close to fresh seafood. But when a company that has been around as long as Gorton's puts a product on the market, someone like me can not help but hope that the product will at least be edible. Unfortunately, these are not edible in my opinion, and will never see the inside of my oven ever again. I do not recommend these Gorton's Fried Clams to anyone. They are not worth the time or money due to the overwhelming amount of bread coating that is packaged and sold as clams.




You've gotta try this stuff


I wouldn't consider myself a seafood fan. I often don't eat seafood very much at all . I've always put seafood into two separate categories - the first is shrimp, octopus, sushi, and the other which is fish, clams, scallops, lobster, crab. The first category contains most of the things I don't like. The second category are things I enjoy. Leave it to Gorton's to bring in the very best. Gorton's fried clams are sinfully good. Although they are not the newest trend and they may not be as pretty of an appetizer as your ultimate blooming onion, they definitely hold their ground among the best. They are everything a delicious fried clam should be. Crunchy, crisp, cravable and pairs very well with home made tartar sauce. These little tidbits are excellent for parties, watching the game or common snacking. They are also really good paired with a nice spinach salad with vinegarette dressing. The only downside to all of this is that it does not come with it's own tartar sauce packet. If it came with a tartar cup included, it would be perfect.




Summarize this product in one sentence.


Did not give it a very poor rating because there was a clam taste. Don't waste your money on these, if you have ever had real clam strips you'll see an extreme difference. I prefer the whole fried clams including the "belly" but no longer living where they are available I'll settle for Captain D's or Long John Silvers as they use the whole clam "tail. I did not look at the package closely enough and did not see they were made from minced clams, I wonder what the % of clams in what was supposedly the meat core is. For the price charged they could make a product equivalent to the above fast food restaurants, as I'm sure they must be supplied with real frozen clam tails.




Tastes good but appears not to contain any meat! Low value.


I bought these clam strips from my local grocery.  I was very unhappy with the product.  I ate about half, because they taste pretty good and cooked up crunchy, but then I noticed there wasn't any meat!  I tore apart about six of these and didn't see a single piece of clam meat anywhere.  For the price, which was pretty high for frozen seafood, I expect something besides bread! I went to their site, and they don't even have these listed as a product.  Maybe they are getting rid of them! Skip these and go to Long John Silvers instead.  In this case they are superior!


Waco, TX


Gorton's Fried Clams

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