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Gordons Jewelers - Gordons Credit Card

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My husband and I applied for our Gordon's credit card because that's where we bought my wedding ring from. I have nothing bad to say about Gordon's store or their merchandise. I just really dislike their credit card practices. I'll start out with the few good things about the card. At the time we signed up there were special savings. I think it was no interest for 6 months. Getting approved was pretty simple. At the time of applying my credit wasn't the best so I don't think you need immaculate credit to be approved. The minimum payment varies each month. I don't know how they determine the price. You can view and pay your bill online which is always great. This card doesn't have an annual fee which is awesome. Now, the things that really make me mad about the card. My BIGGEST problem is the due date.Your payment has to be before 4 pm eastern time to be exact. If you are one minute late they charge you the $29 late fee. Ridiculous! One of my other problems is the site. When you make a payment it doesn't automatically show that you've paid. One day I paid forgot that I paid the previous day. The website wasn't updated so I paid it again on accident. They wouldn't refund my money so instead of paying the $60 for the month I paid $120. This upset me. As far as I know there are no reward programs. I never see any special prices for credit card users either. I would probably not recommend this card unless it's convenient for you. If you have another option I suggest passing this card up.   ***Update (10-1-09) -** I signed up for paperless billing two months ago and never received any emails from them concerning billing. They told me I didn't turn on the alert for receiving bills online. I thought that's what I signed up for? So of course I got a $29 late charge. Then, when I tried to pay it online they wanted to make me set it up to where I was on an automatic payment plan. Ha! I don't trust those thieves. And they told me my CC wasn't going through to make a payment. It said my zip code was wrong. Gordon's CC is a rip off and try and get money any way they can. Luckily I was able to get the late charge taken off. Never again will I deal with these people.* * *

Way down south, LA


Gordons Jewelers - Gordons Credit Card

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