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Google Glass

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Google Glass is incredible, useful, frustrating & imperfect


Google glass is filled with potential and is magical in many ways. However, it's not perfect and really is a "beta" product. As an admitted Apple fan, it reminds me of the differences between android & ios, it's the little things that will keep this in the early adopter set for the immediate future. For example, connecting to the internet is difficult, or expensive & often times both. (required bluetooth tethering to enable internet connection when in between open wifi networks.) If you wear eyeglasses, (I do) the fit is pretty rough this especially impacts the hearing as Google Glass uses vibrations to let you hear inside your skull (don't worry its neat). Without a good fit this is lost or diminished. Enough about the rough edges - I started this review with Google Glass is incredible, it really is, seeing an email or tweet pop up in front of your eyes, seemingly via magic, is marvelous. Being hands free without a bulky camera in front of your face, allowing you to take a video of your child as she excitedly runs up to tell you some exceptional news creates a more intimate and natural video. Using the camera to take a picture of a buzzing event and seamlessly sharing that across social circles is fun & simple. Searching for information about a place you are visiting and accessing web cards with details about the statue (or whatever) you are looking at adds value to the experience. Getting walking directions when visiting a new city allowing you to keep your head up and explore, while enjoying the scene, instead of experiencing yet another head down follow the phone moment. These things show the promise, a wearable computer, utilizing sensors that can intuit what, where, when and who is the future. Google Glass is a fun start. But it's not easy, it doesn't fit easily into your life like the ipod, smartphone or kindle. I seem to have to prod myself to use it, when I do it doesn't always fit the need that I have at that moment. It's early in the development and as a part of the Glass Explorer program Google is offering support they are actively monitoring and gathering feedback. It's early days



Google Glass

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