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Goofbid.com (formerly GoofBay)

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To many Ebay tools to list!! Helpful!


**When Goofbay was introduced to me, I was a bit confused due to the MANY options they have on the site. I could spend all day long (maybe more) exploring all they have to offer. What brought me there in the first place is I needed to find an item I had purchased over a month ago (and by then I had ordered to many to use Ebay's back tracking tool). All I had to do was type in my user id and how far I wanted to go back. Within a short loading time it listed all I had purchased as well as the seller id of the past 60 days. It took me about 1 minute to locate the exact item transaction I wanted! There is so much more it has to offer that I can only name a few without getting carpal tunnel syndrome!** **Here is an itemized list to keep it a bit more organized for you:** **1.) FREE Ebay Snipper tool**: If you have ever placed a bet and some unknown person was tracking your bid and SOMEHOW finds a way to place a higher bid then you at the very last second? This is your answer! Check it out!**2.) Search for the misspelled auctions** which often don't get placed correctly and increase your chance of winning due to less amount of views it gets. **3.)There is a fully pictured list of great Ebay deals** listed at the bottom of the page. The only downfall to that is the prices are shown in British Pounds rather then USD currency. **4.)** IF you like extra toolbars, **they offer a toolbar for easier access and control**. **5.) AMAZING Ebay shortcuts** *(I am unclear as to how well they work. I have no reason to use them)*: The shortcuts are:** End Auction Early** via item number, **Search Sellers Items** based on User Id. **Remove Negative Feedback **by item number *(seems fishy to me but hey, it may work)*, **Cancel Bids** via item number, **Show Member Profile** via User Id, **Block Bidder** which takes you right to the the specified page.   And if you have any problems, there is a fully functional **Goofbay Forum**.   I highly recommend this to frequent Ebay users. Why didn't I discover this sooner!??!   **

Sawyer, MN


Goofbid.com (formerly GoofBay)

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