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Goodyear Wrangler MT-R with Kevlar Tires

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At work we use these tires on all our field trucks. We carry a lot of heavy weight in our trucks, which these tires carry without a problem. We are able to get to our training areas with ease with these trusted tires on our trucks. Before we bought tires we were changing the other brands about once a month. We had tires with uneven wear because the other tire could not handle the weight. We had tires that cupped because they were not made with the same quality as these tires. These tires have made it through some rough terrain without any major problems. People say that they have never had better ride until they rode in our trucks outfitted with these quality tires. We lost a lot of quality training time with the other tire brands. Our boss was so angry because we use about half our tire budget on other tire brands that said they could handle our demands. These tire on the other hand live up to the hype and we will never buy another tire brands.



Goodyear Wrangler MT-R with Kevlar Tires

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