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Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2 Tires

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Expensive, but they do work well.


I have had limited experience with these, just a couple of seasons. For at least the fall and spring conditions that I've used them, these handle as well as any performance all-season tire I have driven on, and even better than some, and are extremely competent in the snow. They worked quite well in inclement weather conditions but they are rather expensive in my opinion. But if you need them like I did for when I lived for a few months in a city that had a lot of rain and snow I feel the performance I got justified the price for me. These are the only snow tires I've ever owned so consider my review as one from an amateur when it comes to this type of tire. They are great on dry and wet conditions, where other snow tires often suffer. Probably not close to an all-out snow tire in the worst conditions, but an excellent compromise for all areas except those with the absolute worst driving conditions for most of the winter. I gave them an 8 due to the high price, not the performance.



An amazing tire and makes me feel safe


I absolutely love the Goodyear ultra grip performance 2 tires. They are presently on my car right now and I had them put on about 3 months ago. There is a significant difference between these tires and the ones I had before. I had my old tires the last snow storm we had and they were horrible. There was no traction and I was sliding all over the place. Today actually there is a storm in New York and I drove with these tires this morning. It was like there wasn't even snow on the ground. The ease of breaking with the tires without skidding is amazing. You can really feel the tire gripping the ground. It makes me feel significantly more safe driving in conditions like this when I have to drive my two kids with me. They have been nothing short of great so far and proved it even more today during the snow. They are not very expensive, especially for how great the quality is and it is definitely worth the money. I love these tires and would definitely recommend them to family or friends.



Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2 Tires

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