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Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Tires

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Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Tires


Amazing is the first word that comes to mind. We live in the Midwest and having tires that can preform on ice is essential to getting around in the winter. We found that they managed to do the job just as it was told to us, thank goodness. We really hate driving on ice, me mostly, and with these tires I felt I could go anywhere and not worry about sliding off the road. We have found that no matter the ice condition we are dealing with these tires do the job. I have personally found that it has limited the slipping and the sliding at stop signs, lights, and intersections which to me is amazing! We have been thrilled with the results, we weren't sure anything could help on packed down snow and ice but the Goddyear Ultra Grip Ice Tires really truly did the job for us. I would recommend these to everyone, in fact I should probably shout it from the roof. But really these tires do everything they say they will and way more. They have been the picture of dependable and durable product for us. Quite the picture perfect tire for our family. We kept these tires for 35,000 miles and they were still in very good condition and could be used still.



Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Tires

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