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Goodyear Integrity tires

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I got what I paid for....cheap tires


I most definitely learned my lesson with these cheap tires, if you want quality tires you need to pay a little more for them. I was drawn to the Goodyear Integrity tires while waitressing because they were only seventy five dollars a piece, it's what I could afford at the time. These tires are the worst tires I have ever seen. They are very loud making my ride to work unpleasant. Each and every time I would make a turn, my tires would squeal. The first time it happened I looked around trying to figure out what the noise was. I was embarrassing. The tires are extremely touch with each turn of the steering wheel. It took me quite some time to get use to these tires. There was not much tread life on them (about thirty thousand miles), which I did not mind, because I was ready to get rid of them. They are not good on rain, had horrible traction. The only thing I like about these tires are that they are American made.



Dangerous in rain and snow


We recently bought a car with 20,000 miles with Goodyear Integrity tires that were factory installed.  The were good on the dry road and not too bad in rain but then we got alot of snow in one night and after the plows went by, the roads were snow packed and slippery. I have driven in the winter for 24 years and am always careful but with these tires it is impossible.  You cannot accelerate without feeling like you are hydroplaning and the car is litterally all over the road.  You feel as though you have no control what so ever and I could not go over 40 miles per hour and that was on the highway. On the side roads I had trouble getting over 25 miles per hour without feeling like I was loosing control. There is no way I will drive with passengers in the car with these tires, I do not trust them. I have an appointment in two days to have them all replaced which is sad because they look perfectly fine.  There should be a recall on these death traps and please do no buy them without looking up consumer reports.

Newberry, MI


Goodyear Integrity tires

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