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Goodyear Eagle RS-A - P205/55R16 89H VSB - All Season Tire


Get high-performance traction with the Goodyear Eagle RS-A P205/55R16 89H Tire

Providing steering precision and confident handling, the Goodyear Eagle RS-A Tire is designed with reinforced sidewalls for enhanced maneuverability. The Goodyear Eagle is the performance tire of choice for many auto manufacturers. It maintains excellent traction at highway speeds regardless of season. You'll enjoy the precision control it offers when cruising down the highway, even in hazardous conditions.

The Eagle RS-A Tire has a unique, asymmetric tread design that provides enhanced traction, superb cornering and a quiet ride. The all-season tire performs well in rain, thanks to the optimized tread pattern. Driving around sharp corners and wide turns, these high-performance tires give you greater steering precision. It has the polish of a premium tire and will give your vehicle a slightly sporty edge.

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decent in snow... soft rubber wears quickly


When looking for all weather tires I had heard the good year eagles were the way to go so despite the high price tag I bought them anyway. I picked them up for my mazda3 right as the new York winter started. They had decent traction in the snow... but my new pirellis have much better traction. The eagles have very soft rubber so they are very quiet on the road, but I drive a lot of miles so these tires didn't last long at all! I was very disappointed and wound up having them for less than a year before they wore all the way to the metal bands. They also get flats pretty easy which is quite disappointing. All the other tires I've had take well with potholes and nails and such but these went flat twice.




Goodyear Eagle RS-A - P205/55R16 89H VSB - All Season Tire

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