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Goodyear Eagle LS-2 ROF Tires

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Reasonably priced and a good buy


We wanted a fairly priced tire for a used pick-up of ours. Goodyear advertised that these had a really good grip AND they were average priced, so we bought four of them. We have not regretted our decision for one moment! In the time we've had these on our pick-up we've had several times when we had to stop suddenly due to traffic issues, and these tires REALLY gripped the road and kept us from sliding into other vehicles or off the edge of the road. They really provide traction--traction that you can feel even when driving in normal conditions. We've also found them quite good as all-weather tires in our milk winters. We don't get seep snow, but we have hilly roads. These tires give me confidence that it's okay to take out the vehicle in bad weather and that I will make it home okay. I've even found they can grip ice! I went sliding one day and I really felt it was these tires that kept me from going farther than I did. I hope they last years and years.



Goodyear Eagle LS-2 ROF Tires

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