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Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Tires

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I purchased a set of these tires.


Approximately, two and half years ago, I purchased a set of Goodyear Fuel Max tires for my automobile that I now own. Last year I had to replaced one of the tires out of the set because of tire damage that made the tire unable to be repaired. Now after nearly six months of not knowing where a noise was coming from in the rear of my car, I find that the tires are cupped and need to be replaced. When I purchased the set of tires, I was under the impression that they were good tires for traveling. Now I see that these were not a good set of tires because most of the treads are still good but the tires are "crap". All other sets of tires that I have purchased have given me at least (4) good years of service, before I had to worry about the tread depth. These Goodyear Fuel Max that I now have on my car are not a good brand of tires and I would not recommend them to anyone including my friends. These were the only brand of tires that the store where I purchased them had in stock to fit my vehicle at the time. But I was told that they were "good tires".



Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Tires

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