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Goody Satin Covered Foam Hair Rollers

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Goody Foam Curlers protect hair!


Back in August I got an EXTREMELY BAD haircut.  It was so short and I was so disappointed, I was driven to stop using heat products on my hair for quite some time, in an effort to let my hair grow more quickly (it is usually very slow at growing, and this did help a lot). During that time I found myself pulling my hair up far too often, and I wanted an alternative so I could wear my hair down without having to damage it.  I found these curlers and decided to give them a try even though I was skeptical. I wrapped them in my hair (when it was wet) at night, and left them in until the morning.  I used only the bigger sizes, and was very pleased with the results! When I first took the curlers out, the curls were a bit tighter than I had hoped for, but they quickly relaxed in to beautiful curls comparable to what I had been able to accomplish with my curling iron. I sprayed them down with some hairspray, and they lasted all day! I'll continue to use foam curlers to protect my hair from damage, especially since the results are so great.

Springville, UT


Soft Enough to Sleep In; Bouncy Curls in the Morning


Even with all of the advances in hair care technology, sometimes the old-school ways work the best.  I'm not suggesting that you roll your hair with frozen orange juice cans, but I am going back to the basics; namely, the much maligned pink foam roller. **Goody Satin-Covered Foam Rollers** are available in Jumbo and Large sizes and is a definite nod to the past, while adding a new twist in this update.  The classic foam rollers are updated in black satin, which means the end of tangled tresses, damaged strands and frizzy ends.  The satin wrap helps to provide a smooth curl and the rollers are comfortable enough to sleep in.  I don't need to fuss with a blow dryer or sit under a hood dryer to style my hair with soft, bouncy curls. The large size is perfect for my length of hair, but it would be nice if Goody offered these in small and medium sizes for women who have shorter 'dos. These satin-wrapped foam rollers work best for me with hair that is slightly damp after shampooing and conditioning.  If I use them between shampoos, then I do need to dampen my hair with a styling spray before using.  Some folks may get good results using the rollers on dry hair, but it's not worked well for me.  Most of the time, I get a good curl without any bumps or ridges, but sometimes I do get a few unintended creases from the plastic clip.  I don't blame the product for the inconsistent results--I blame my limited proficiency in proper roller setting. Overall, **Goody Satin-Covered Foam Rollers** is a product that takes a classic idea and updates it to make it even better.  I highly recommend them.

Chicagoland, IL


Goody Satin Covered Foam Hair Rollers

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