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Good Sam Club

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I joined Good Sam Club and signed up for the Roadside Assistance program about 3 weeks ago. As soon as I did, I started receiving 15-20 junk e-mails each day, which I never received before that. In addition, I began receiving phone calls too after I gave my information to Good Sam Club...I've read other reviews from people that experienced the same issues and like them, I called and cancelled my membership to GSC...They wasted no time selling my information and they'll sell your information to telemarketers too.



It's nice to save 10% - sometimes


**To the Point**We've been members of Good Sam Club for years. We love this program.**A Closer View**This is a club specifically for people who go RVing i.e. have a recreational vehicle and stay at campgrounds. You'll get a magazine called Highways which is chock full of information such as RV technical tips. There is an online forum where you can share experiences and give and get advice.You'll save 10% on RV parts, repairs and accessories at service centers that accept the Good Sam Club. You'll also get 10% off at campgrounds - and there are more than 1700 in the United States and Canada. If you are into socializing Good Sam has what they call Samborees. For example we've seen dozens of RVs with numbers of them traveling down the highway headed to a destination. They are going somewhere are part of the Samboree program. You can also save money on RV and car insurance with the Good Sam Club. Like Passport America however there is no monitoring of campgrounds. One of the worst campgrounds in which we stayed accepted the Good Sam Club. It was great that we saved 10% but I would have preferred to spend the extra money for a nicer stay. The cost for Good Sam is $30 per year however currently at the website www.GoodSamClub.com you can join for $19.95. **Jo's ViewpointI like it!**The picture is of the worst site we had all summer. We saved 10%.

Plymouth, MA


Good Sam Club

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