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Good 'N Natural Vitamins For The Hair 60 Tablets

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Works like a charm!


I have very long hair, it's all the way down my back to about the start of my lower back. I've always had really frizzy, wavy, tangly type hair and it definitely drives me crazy trying to find something that works to keep my hair healthy. I use a hot straightening hair iron, as well as low-lighting my hair with brown streaks (i'm a natural blonde), and I'm sure using both the straightening iron and the chemicals from the hair dye probably don't help. I started taking these Good 'N Natural Vitamins For the Hair, a few months ago, and I've definitely noticed a big difference in my hair between then and now. It's not nearly as damaged. My split ends are going away, my hair seems to be softer and shinier, and doesn't look so dull. Even the frizziness seems to be calming down some. If you have problems with your hair like I do, I definitely recommend looking into using these vitamins, they worked wonders for me, and I think they'd help many others! Can't hurt to at least give it a try, right? =)

Denver, CO


works well for helping my hair


I have enjoyed this hair product. I was losing some hair because of stress and poor diet. I am now taking a woman's daily multivitamin, vitamin b, vitamin c, eating green vegetables, eating more fruits. I decided to take a special vitamin for my hair since I felt I needed the extra boost. After about a month or so I noticed that my hair fallout drastically reduced, and seems to be more shiny. I believe that this is a combination of eating healthier, taking alot of vitamins and exercising. I have also been doing yoga videos for reducing my stress. But I do think this supplement is working along with all of these additions to my diet. I am happier now not having a bunch of hair fallout when i am in the shower which causes more stress and anxiety. I am young and have very fine hair so I need to keep every strand i possibly have. Now my hair seems to be happier too. Yay! so I think its worth a try.

West Yellowstone, MT


The best hair product on the market


"I stumbled upon this hair product on the salonweb home page while surfing the net trying to find solutions for my troubled hair. It had been thinning and breaking off. I had to get about 4 inches cut off because of the damage of a poorly done perm, sun damage, and a hair color. The thinning I believe was due to hormonal problems. I read about these vitamins, then looked up the benefits of the amino acids. I price compared the vitamins with other sources and it was comparable. I decided to give it a try and ordered the 30 day supply. I received the products the week of April the 19th and started taking the two steps right away. Last Thursday, I was getting ready for work. My son came to kiss me goodbye and said, "Mom, your hair is getting long again." I brushed it off because he knew how upset I was about losing my hair, but, at work that day, a co-worker told me my hair looked longer. I have also noticed that along my hairline on my forehead and on the top of my head where my hair had been thinning, I could see my hair growing back and had grown at least an inch if not more! It is growing back healthy and shiny and the color is like it was when I was a teenager. I plan to keep using these vitamins and am anxious to see the results in six months."

Little Rock, AR


Good 'N Natural Vitamins For The Hair 60 Tablets

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