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Good Living
Good Living Reusable Coffee Filter

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GOOD LIVING coffee filter.


I have fallen in love with these filters. They wash up nice and there is no need for paper coffee filters any more. For under 3 bucks so the savings is good but not great in comparison with buying paper coffee filters. I needed a replacement when my old one stopped letting the water completely through and I got a new coffee pot that the filter didn't fit anyway but this filter didn't fit it either. So I suppose that getting the right fit is a problem because they don't say what pots they are recommended for. But I am using this new coffee filter in place of the old one that lasted for years and although it is smaller it is working good and I am happy that the coffee pot is still in use and that I don't have to use paper filters anymore.


Ellwood City, PA


Good Living Reusable Coffee Filter

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