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Gold's Gym
Gold's Gym Ab Roller

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Ab roller: more dangerous than it seems


I think that the ab roller is a great piece of equiptment for a home gym.  It provides an amazing ab workout because it really works the entire core as opposed to a specific part of the stomach like most traditional ab exercises.  However, I consider myself a very active and fit person.  Exercise is a part of my routine every single day and I was a college athlete.  I used my roller for a few months and am certain that I was using it properly.  I have seen people using them in my gym and watched the workout tape and followed the moves.  Initially I was worried about the lateral stability of the roller: would I wobble side to side or roll over?  This was not a problem at all, I felt much sturider than expected.  All exercise equiptment warns against "exercising till exhaustion" and I was working hard on the ab roller, but not to that point.  While moving down for a rep I wasn't putting enough pressure on the roller and literally fell flat on my face as the roller went flying forward.  It was painful and I didn't have anything to protect my face, i will not use the roller again.

Travelers Rest, SC


Gold's Gym Ab Roller

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