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Gold's Gym
Gold's Gym XR 45

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overall it is a good workout


this gym took some time to assemble, hard to determine which pully was which. Actually had to look up other reviews and things online to determine which was which because there was no description or labeling on any parts other than the nuts and bolts. Total time was probaly around 5 or 6 hours.  The workout itself is really good, this machine provides good resistance especially on the butterfly curls.  Even my kids love this machine.  It is very easy to change the resistance on this machine.  We really do love this home gym.  There are lots of different excercises that can be done on it, and very easy to switch from one to the other.  The amount of resistance for each one is really great. Only have one complaint with this gym.  I does not provide the kind of leg strength trainning that I would like to have.  Shows two different types of leg excerices, but I've only been able to do one, the other has so much resistance that I can not get it to work.  Or it is just in a bad position to be trying it because it is an awkward position to have your leg and knee in to perform that move.  Hurts the knee.  If this gym provided better lower body/leg strengthening it would be the perfect home gym.   


Lawrenceburg, TN


Good Price = Great Value


When you want a good workout from a single machine then this is it. The Gold's Gym XR45. Assembly was a bit of a chore, and took a few hours, but It wasn't difficult by any means, just time consuming. The bolts, screws and accessories were very well packaged and organized so that they're easy to find. They're shrink wrapprd in such a way that you don't have to worry about missing hardware.  Using the gym itself is great. You get an extraordinary number of exercises for a great price, and the gym itself feels sturdy while using it. There are only 8  weight levels, so some of the jumps between weights are pretty big (unlike free weights, for example, where you probably wouldn't want to go from 115 to 130 lbs in a single jump) and some of the leg exercises are difficult for beginners even at the lowest weight. Still, most of that is to be expected from any home gym.Overall I'm very happy with the quality and versatility of this gym and think it is an excellent value.If you're looking for your first home gym, don't be afraid to get this one.


Perryville, MD


Gold's Gym XR 45

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