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Gold's Gym
Gold's Gym Power Spin 230R

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Battery Compartment Defect


I bought this bike which I loved the bike  except for two flaws. As you ride the bike it slides so you have to keep adjusting it. To solve this problem put a rubber mat underneath. Next big issue is when it comes time to change the batteries. Watch out you practically have to turn the bike upside down to change them then the cheap plastic clips on the compartment will break. Now the only thing to hold the batteries in so you can work the bike is lots and lots of duct tape unless you want to buy the adapter which honestly should have come with the bike for free.


Warwick, RI


This Gold's Gym Bike is the Best Excercise Bike Ever!


Wow! My friend bought this bike for me as a birthday present last year. It was really bulky, and I thought I would hate it. I never opened the box until a month after. I was very surprised to see that the instruction's manual was easy to read and the machine was easy to install, as well as easy to use. It really irritates me, however, that it is kind of bulky, and it takes up a lot of room in my small apartment. This machine is not easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone  who is looking for a new one, or has never bought one before. This bike by Gold's Gym has made me more active and I really look forward to getting on it everyday to exercise. With the addition of my I-pod, my workout on this machine goes by very fast. However, the price is very bad. My friend told me it was one of the expensive bikes in the store; I don't think it is worth its price, although I think it is good. I would go for a cheap bike. I still like it though.


San Jose, CA


Best exercise bike I have ever used.


Gold's Gym Power Spin 230 Recumbent Bike is awesome. It has so many great qualities for an exercise bike. It is very comfortable to use with the full seat that allows you to go that extra mile without hurting in the seat area. This seat is also adjustable so that people of all heights can use this great product. This exercise bike has it all with a dual grip handle bar Power Pulse heartrate monitor to let you know exactly how you are doing and keeping your heartrate up. The bike also has a good size display to show you the heartrate as well as how fast you are going (MPH), the distance that you have gone, how long you have been working out on the bike, as well as the fat calories that you have burned during your workout. And the best part of all, you can even plug in your MP3 player to play your favorite music through the built in speakers. Now the speakers aren't very loud or the best quality but still a good product overall.


Maricopa, AZ


The Golds Gym Power Spin 230 R is a great ride.


The Gold's Gym Power Spin 230 R bike is a great exercise bike in my opinion.  There is an adjustable part on the bike so you can adjust it to fit the height of anyone wanting to use it.  The seat is very comfortable, unlike most exercise bikes it is wide and soft.  That is something that always threw me off on these kinds of bikes, I could not stand the seats on them.  Another feature is you can chose between 10 different speeds, 1 being the easiest to 10 being the hardest.  There is also programmed speeds on the bike.  There are six 30 minute programmed options and two 20 minute options.  I personally love to use these options but remember its all up to you, you do not have to use them.  Above the options is the electronic screen that let's you know how far you have ridden, how many calories you've burned, fat calories and how long you've been riding.  Also included is a cooling fan that you can turn on or off  and a water bottle holder which comes in handy for all that water you will be drinking.


Chauvin, LA


Golds Gym Recumbant Bike - great for average person


We purchased the Golds Gym Powerspin 230 R recumbant bike for my 12 year old son. Little did I know that I would also enjoy it. The seat is adjustable forward and back. There is a fan and digital display along with a watterbottle holder. The pedals have straps to keep your feet in place. The display runs on battery which is a little disappointment, however the batteries seem to last a good amount of time and you can also by an outlet cord for it. So that takes care of that issue. This a great bike for the average person but probably not for the bike enthusiast. There are different preset levels and you can also set it on your own. Shows your target speed so that you know when your starting to slack off and you can also check your heart rate. Really is a great comfortable bike and was a very reasonable price at Walmart. The only down fall is that when you tighten the seat knob in place it does little by little still move. It really needs to be in a place where it can be pushed up against something stable or a wall. We knew this from other reviews before we purchased it though.


Delanson, NY


easily adjustable for maximum performance.


This bike is an excellent addition to any fitness program.  It even makes it easy for a fitness novice such as myself to get a workout in on a consistent basis.  The fact that it is easy to ajust makes for an enjoyable workout as well. Even with Multiple Sclerosis I can ride the bike for 20 - 30 minutes most days.  The fan and port to plug in your MP3 player make it a more comfortable an enjoyable ride.  It's very easy to use an the displays are easy to see.  I have to get my husband to change the batteries because it's kind of awkward to do with one hand.  That is the  only negative thing i've experienced during my use of this bike.  I use it almost daily and the timed workouts make it easy to get a workout in without having to watch the clock.  I like to read and listen to my i-pod while I ride.  It's also well constructed an still looks new 1 1/2 years later.  The only thing i've had to ajust on it is the seat, which you can do while you are on it.  I've change the batteries too.  No other changes have had to be made.


Philadelphia, PA


Terrible Battery design


The battery compartment was designed on the bottom of the panel holding up four (4) D-Cell sized batterys weighing down on it with the help of gravity.  The designer of this power suppl;y should be taken to the back of the shop and given a good whipping for not thinking of the consequenses of such a design....


Fernandina Beach, FL


Golds Gym Power Spin really whips you into space


The Golds Gym Power Spin is something I use everytime to  my community gym.  I love this exercise machine as far as stationary bikes go it is definitely one of the most comfortable they have offered.  I have incorporated it into my daily workout routine. I can easily maintain my legs in shape with the power spin.


Houston, TX


this bike works, the whole body and firms the legs and thighs


This bike does everything you would expect from riding a bike.  It has adjustable resistance to make your workout harder  and tells you haw fast you are going, calories burned and pulse.  It is fabulous and was extremely easy to assemble.  Plus it has a wide comfortable seat and back support.


Bluff City, TN


Gold's Gym Power Spin 230R

3.8 9