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Gold's Gym
Gold's Gym 3-In-1 Ultimate Home Training Kit

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Gold Gym 3 and 1


This gym set is super great.  The type of set up is able to be taken with you almost anywhere.  The gym set is compossed of three sets.  The sqrews can be taken apart and rebuilt.  The three set has a special two set for your arms to use as a helping hand to do pull up and work on the abs.  As long as you have a door way that is able to hold the peice up it is great.  Not that expensive compared to other work out sets which dont have the capabilities of the Gold Gym.  I would recommend it.

Los Angeles, CA


Good solid equipment to help in your workout.


This equipment is high quality and solid.  When I am using it, I don't worry about it not being strong enough to support my husband and me. I love that the pull up bar hangs on the door frame and can be put away when not in use.  It has more than one hand grip so you can do wide, normal, or close grip pull ups. There is the option of using bands with the pull up bar so you don't actually have to do a pull up.  You can hook bands around the bar, then kneel on the floor and do a pull up motion to receive the same workout. My husband especially loves the push up handles because it relieves the pressure from the wrist while doing the push up and causes less pain.  I don't have that same problem, but still enjoy using them.  The push up handles allow you to have more range of motion and work different muscles than just a regular push up. We use this equipment to help supplement our regular work out routine which includes:  pull ups, push ups, weight lifting, aerobics and yoga.

Kaysville, UT


Gold's Gym 3-In-1 Ultimate Home Training Kit

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