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Expensive but Yummy!


So GoldBely.com is a site where you can order gourmet food items for yourself or for someone else as a gift. As with most gourmet food sites, the food is priced pretty high. If you're on a budget, ordering often and in large quantities from this site is probably not for you. I certainly can't afford to do that. I wish, but I just can't. However that being said, as a treat now and again it's nice to splurge on some super yummy treats from Gold Bely! My favorite, and something I highly recommend everyone try is the Jeni's Ice Cream Sandwich Collection. One sandwich is made from oatmeal raisin cookies, which are my favorite. The other three are made from macaroons. Their light airy texture is a really interesting twist on the ice cream sandwich! They're handmade to order and they ship out very quickly! They arrive frozen, there's dry ice in the package to keep them that way. I've never had a bad experience with Gold Bely!

Southfield, MI



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