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GoldStar Pint Dehumidifier

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The Goldstar dryed out our basement


The Gold star dehumidifyer dryed out our damp basement. I can feel confident storing things down there. The connect for the drain was a little hard to figure out, but we were finally able to make it work. My only wish is that it had a longer cord. Its hard to move it to places that need it without running a long extention cord.


Marion, IA


One of the best economic dehumidifiers


I was in need of a dehumidifier because of my other one had failed to work.  We had a tremendous amount of rain and a lot of humidity in the air, this thing works like a champ.  It is a bit noisier than my other one, but the performance is much better than my original one.  Very worth the amount of money it retailed for.


Swanton, OH


Problems within 2 months


Before I bought this dehumidifier I was talking to a salesman and I asked him if the one he carried was quiet. He replied that it was only quiet while the unit was off! I thanked him for his honesty and realized that a quiet dehumidifier is probably an unrealistic expectation. Given that, this one is noisy but probably no noisier than any other. I bought Goldstar DH50 and it seemed to work OK for the first two months. But then it started cycling every three minutes after it reached the humidity level that I set. On/Off/on/off/on/off etc........ Thinking that this might not be healthy for the unit and my electric bill I called Goldstar and asked if this was normal. Phone number (800) 243.0000 The nice guy in India/Pakistan went through all the normal stuff that didn't answer my question and we finally came to finding a repair place. All the places that he suggested were too far away. I was thinking that I might just take it back to the store and he said that I could do that but he also said that if there isn't a repair place that works for me that he could put in a request for a closer one. He said that I should get a call back within about 5 days. (Today being Monday and he hoped for Friday.) I am choosing to do this as I really want a dehumidifier that works and I think that exchanging it might just get me the same problem.                                  


Amherst, MA


GoldStar Pint Dehumidifier

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