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Gold N Hot
Gold N Hot Elite Nano 1" Ceramic Flat Iron with Smart Heat

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Works Wonders


Gold N Hot Ceramic 1" Flat Irons - I love them. When I wake up in the morning I know that I need my flat irons. The best thing about them is that they get hot fast, they do not over heat and they get the job done. For those days that I know that my hair is need of a perm they get it bone straight. They have heat protection so it won't burn your hair, (which is good for those of everyday use). My hair texture is thin but medium course and I do not use them everyday. The one thing you want to do to ensure long lasting flat irons is to clean them once a week or every two weeks (depending on usage) This will keep the build up off and the flat irons performing at it highest level. Most of the irons that I have the paint begins to chip around the handles, but that does not take away from their performance. The other thing I like about these irons is that the plates are extended away from the handle so to prevent you from touching them  and possibly burning your hands. But overall this product is right on point.  

Philadelphia, PA




These flat irons are the best. I use it on my hair as well as my two girls. I have a perm. and my youngest daughter also have a perm. My oldest daughter hair is thick and naturally curly like mine. The flat iorn helpd to straighten her hair to where it looks like she has a  perm.

Duluth, GA


Gold N Hot Elite Nano 1" Ceramic Flat Iron with Smart Heat

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