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Gold Bond
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash

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Perfect for dry, itchy skin


I've always had problems with my skin being really dry, flaky, dull, and itchy - especially in the winter, but I've also had problems with my skin breaking out easily with other extra-moisturizing body washes that I have tried over the years. I've always loved Gold Bond's lotions, but because my skin is so problematic, I hesitated to try Gold Bond's Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture body wash...and I wish I'd tried it sooner! It really helped heal my dry skin without causing breakouts on my back or chest, which was a first. Over the first few weeks of use, my skin didn't itch as much and it just felt like I'd finally found some relief without worrying that the ingredients would aggravate my acne-prone skin. My husband also has dry skin and has found that Gold Bond body wash works for him as well. The scent is minimal, which is nice for both women and men, you don't need a lot of product to get clean so the bottle lasts for quite a while, and I find that it actually works - especially in the winter and dryer climates. We also find we can use this product year-around without feeling weighed down by it - it's ideal for summer use too. It's nice and lightweight, but still cleans and moisturizes as it claims to. It's worth the money in our book. I've recommended it to several other friends with dry skin, and they've been pleased with the results as well.



Great moisturizing bodywash.


**I received a sample of Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash (fresh clean scent) and at the perfect time! I had very itchy dry skin from a little over-exposure to the sun at the beach so I was excited to try it out. It was very refreshing to say the least! The fresh clean scent is mild but has that nice crisp clean smell. After washing with the Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash I was able to cmofortably sleep that night without feeling itchy all over. It doesn't lather up very much but definitely does the job when it comes to restoring moisture. It rinses clean easily with no residue. It does take a little more body wash than I would normally use to wash with. Also, as a couponing shopper I like the fact that there are always coupons available either online or in the Sunday papers and there are usually decent sales to match coupons with. Otherwise as far as cost I probably wouldn't be inclined to buy it based on regular price.**



Makes my skin look healthy after just two uses!


I ordered a sample of **Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash** a few weeks ago and I used it over the past two days. The 0.50 oz. envelope of cleanser gave me two washes worth of product. **About the product: **Formulated with 7 intensive moisturizers, conditioners, aloe, vitamins A, C, and E, **Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash** is a creamy, thick white body wash that comes in an easy-squeeze tube (1.5 or 12.5 oz. tubes available). It has a light fresh fragrance that is appropriate for both men and women. The body wash cleans skin while moisturizing, improving elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, promoting cell development and enhancing skin protective functioning. **My take: **First off, I loved the scent! This is a great unisex fragrance that is bright and fresh and clean. Both men and women can use this without it smelling too masculine for girls or feminine for guys. The envelope I got contained two uses worth of product, and a dollop (about the size of a quarter) was the perfect amount on a pouf to get great lather. The body wash rinses clean easily and doesn't leave any feeling of a residue behind. Now, body washes are kind of not my thing. I hate the way I don't always feel clean after using them. **Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash** doesn't leave me feeling like I'm not quite clean, but I feel fresh after using it. I also noticed, which was really a surprise, that after only the two uses of the product, my skin looked smoother and healthier! I have very dry skin, and while it's now hot weather and I don't have the furnace running, I still use lotion every day. I didn't need to apply any lotion after using this body wash on the second day, so clearly it does improve skin's moisture. I definitely give this a thumbs up and will be looking for a full-sized tube of **Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash**!

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Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Deep Moisture Body Wash

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