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Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

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Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur is smoooooth.  I love it.  I don't drink that much so when I do I like quality.  This product delivers!  If you love chocolate, smoothness, not too sweet, you will love this liqueur.  It is delicious as a mixer but can also  be drank alone.  Sip it slow as to enjoy each drop.  It's not real inexpensive but worth every penney!


Naples, FL


decadence in a bottle


This is  a great drink--either by itself or added to ice cream, coffee or anything else you can dream up. Really fabulous when drunk from an edible chocolate liqueur cup! There are other chocolate liqueurs out there but this one is the best, I think. Godiva has some great recipes and you can sometimes find them near the item at the liquour store. Try it stirred into coffee ice cream and topped with a splash of Hershey's syrup or poured over vanilla ice cream and topped with crushed Andes mints.


Houston, TX


Makes everything you drink taste better!


This is most delightful, creamy, wonderful liquid Christmas in a bottle you will ever find!  Mix it with equal parts with vanilla rum and peppermint schnapps - shake over ice - pour into a chilled martini glass and sit back and enjoy the bliss that is Godiva!


Duncanville, TX


A delicious indulgence that makes for impressive concoctions.


In general, Godiva's liqueurs maintin the brand quality Godiva is known for. Unfortunately, they also maintain the prices Godiva is known for.If you're really looking to impress with your drink or dessert recepies, Godiva liqueurs are the way to go, but it's not a necessary stock item for the everyday bar.


Memphis, TN


Godiva needs to stick to what they do so well- regular chocolate


Godiva has wonderful milk and dark chocolate and wonderful liqueur versions of those. Stick to those and you won't be disappointed. This is not really chocolate- the best quality is that it is creamy, but that isn't what I ws expecting or paying for. To sum up- good brand, wrong product.


Albuquerque, NM


so smooth and creamy


I am into trying new things, so the other day when I was at the liqour store I picked this up. true True it is quite pricey, but it is so smooth and creamy that its worth it. If you are a person who appreciates fruity, thick or super sweet liqours this is the one to get. it comes in two different flavors, HOWEVER, this white one is actually the best! BUY SOME!


Groton, CT


Best of type


Although there is legally no such thing s white chocolate (it is truly cocoa fat) this is the bet of type for smooth drinks that you want to have a buttery "choco-flavor." Add to coffee or pour over a dessert for added depth.  Try a few drizzles of this on a dark coloured plate and the top with a dark dessert. Excellent as a drizzle for a dark chocolate brownie and topped with raspberries.


Jackson, TN




this product is absolutely wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone.  it tastes like liquid white chocolate and is a great addition to hot cocoa, coffee, an ice cream shake or sundae, or just as is.....straight up!  it iws not cheap, but IA feel that is still a very good value!


Windham, NH


not rich but like to try new drinks


yummy, but pricey it's really good as a shot or mixed with various other soft drinks or liquers, milk, cream or anything else you would like to mix it with. My friends and I drink it both ways but I prefer it as a shot. I tend to drink it a little too much that way and it is a little expensive so we onlt have it on special occasions.


Endicott, NY


cream of the cream


Love this! Put it on ice, or put it in the freezer and enjoy by itself. I wish I could have it every day. I like it in my coffee in the mornings on weekend brunch days with my family, and I would definitely add a little to the recipe when you're making white chocolate truffles. Yummmyyyy!!!  It is expensive, but if you love chocolate, and quality chocolate, this is the one for you. You may even save money from buying all that chocolate.  A little goes a long way.


Cambridge, MA


Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

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