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GoYin Health Beverage

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Go means abundance-Yin means nutrition and wealth


GoYin is a dietary supplement from natural fruit and vegetable juices that is just delicious!  It is a proprietary formula developed by traditional Asian Medicine experts in Asia and North America, and is "the perfect blending of science and wisdom," to quote the  23 oz. bottle.  The juice itself is a harmonious blend of fruit and vegetable juices that remind you of a delicious apricot nectar, and the results are phenomenal.   GoYin promises only a healthy balance of energy, mood enhancement, and anti-oxidant protection, but I have found through my own experiences that I have less joint pain from both lupus and fibromyalgia, and I am sleeping better at night, which means I have more energy throughout the day. GoYin is available in both the 23.3 oz bottle and the 2 oz single serving "On the Go" packs This product is wonderful, and I would encourage anyone to research it for themselves -  For more information please contact [http://www.mygoyin.com/drbass][1]   [1]: http://www.mygoyin.com/drbass

Simi Valley, CA


GoYin Health Beverage

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