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Gluten Free Drugs

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Is the drug gluten free? Check out Gluten Free Drugs Website


People who have a wheat allergy, gluten sensitivity, or celiac disease should avoid products with gluten. That is easier said than done because many manufacturers do not necessarily label their products as gluten free. Now there is a **Gluten Free Drugs website** (website address is listed at the top of this review) that lists MANY gluten free medications. Hoorah! The **Gluten Free Drugs Website** has a wealth of information, including including gluten free drugs listed by: - therapeutic category (such as analgesics, antibiotics, asthma, etc.)--also has printable version - alphabetical list--also has a printable version - Walgreen gluten free OTC (over the counter) drugs - Wheaton Gluten Free Support Group Medication List - A list explaining some of the fillers in drugs (some of the descriptions are pretty helpful but some may leave you scratching your head and wondering what the definition means) - additional links of interest (with lots of different local and national support groups and associations such as the FDA, Kosher information, Celiac Disease Foundation, and much more) - food links (you can click and order gluten free foods from numerous online sites) **What I like about the website:**  - a wealth of information - organized nicely - links are functional - saves lots of time in looking up information at various sites or calling or writing manufacturers - can save money if your doctor uses this site before writing a prescription if you need gluten free medications - I found a last updated date at the bottom of the screen, and the date listed was today's date. That indicates to me that perhaps this site is updated regularly, but I cannot verify that for sure because I just found the site. You may wish to check the last update on the site if you check it out. - This website is **FREE** and you don't have to sign up for anything! **What could stand to be improved: ** - Aesthetically, this site could use a little help. It is not particularly pretty, but I tend to be more impressed with function than form. - I'd love to see a list of foods/drinks too! **My Viewpoint:** I am thrilled with this website and plan to give the link to healthcare providers that I see. Previously when prescribed a medication for myself or my kids, most doctors tend to say something like "I THINK it's gluten free" or "It SHOULD be gluten free." I've called manufacturers of medications numerous times to discover that they are not necessarily gluten free. Most manufacturers do not have a 24/7 telephone number and may not list this information on their websites. Some manufacturers act like I'm wanting their trade secrets if I ask for information about gluten content--trust me, I won't buy it if it is not gluten free. With this **Gluten Free Drugs website**, I can now quickly and easily look up gluten-free medications and also have helpful celiac-related links nicely organized! If you or someone you know is avoiding gluten or prescribing medications for someone who is avoiding gluten, I would highly recommend the Gluten Free Drugs website.

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Gluten Free Drugs

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