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Glumetza Metformin

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Gentle on You Stomach, Tough Insulin Resistance Fighter!


I was very run down for well over a year and thought I was dying almost.  I had no idea why I was so weak, why my hair was falling out, why my skin was broken out again like I was sixteen, and why I was so depressed and had such issues with sleeping and hotflashes and other various thing a woman in her twenties should not be dealing with.  The odd thing is that other than being a little overweight, I'm relatively healthy.  Anyway, I went to a new doctor, as I had moved out of state and he referred me to an Endocrinologist as he had suspicions that I may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  I went for an ultrasound and to the endrocrinologist and got bloodwork and sure enough, I'm a PCOS sufferer with an underactive thyroid.  I was put on several different kinds of Metformin.  All made me sick to my stomach to the point where I felt worse taking it than not.  I continued to take the meds, but eventually was switched to Glumetza.  Its released through the pores of a stretchy coating substance that comes out in your stool, hence, it is expelled from your body, and the harsh substance inside the pill dosen't irritate your insides as much.  If you are having Metformin issues, ask about Glumetza.  Its unique and gentler!


Rochester, NH


Glumetza Metformin

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