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Glow-Warm Infrared Heater

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Glow-Warm heater puts off a lot of heat.


We have two Glow-Warm wall mounted ventless heaters in our home.  The model number is GWRP-16.  The heater has Low, Medium, and High settings.  You start the heater by igniting the pilot light which can remain on if you choose, or you can ignite it each time.  There are 3 ceramic type panels that heat up according to the desired level of heat.  The heater is run on propane heat.  It puts off a lot of heat fast.  One of the main draw backs is that it does not have a thermostat.  Because of this, we have found that we frequently have to adjust the high-med.-low setting throughout the day.  It does heat up a room though, and it heats it up really fast.  It is also a "flame/fire type" heater, so there is a huge risk of items catching on fire if placed too close to the flame.  One of the biggest advantages is that it does not take electricity to run.  When ice storms knock out the power, you can still use the Glow-warm propane ventless heater.  Great heater!

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Glow-Warm Infrared Heater

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