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Glipizide Diabetes medication

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Has already started to bring my sugar down!


I was diagnosed with Diabetes On October 1 and thought I wasn't going to have to go on medication but was wrong. When my sugar continued to rise I was immediately placed on medication. They at first wanted to put me on another medication but I was told by my mother who is diabetic not to take it and was placed on Glipizide. Upon reading the side affects I was concerned about taking this medication, but when it has already started to reduce my blood glucose level I am a happy camper. One 5mg tablet in the morning with breakfast is my dose for the day. I was told this medication can be hard on your stomach, but I have had no problems yet. Maybe because I followed the pharmacists instructions of taking with food. I am shocked that a medication can work so quickly. My level was over 200 and is now down to 134. I am hoping to continue to go lower in the next week. I would be really happy with 100 at this point. This is a power packed little pill! Wow! Thank you for technology!


Des Moines, IA


Smaller pill better overal results after fasting.


This is a review on my experience with a new form of Diabetes medication that I have been using now for the past year. The new medicine for me is 2.5 mg of Gilizide it is a little blue pill that has great lasting power and delivers a big one, two punch in controlling your Diabetes. I was at one time on Glucophage and then it was switched to the generic of Metformin you know the ones with the 1000 mg horse tablets you were supposed to take twice a day. I could never remember to take them the second time so I just took them all at once in the morning. If you do it this way make sure you tell your Dr so that they can prescribe the doeses the way you actually take them, that makes a big difference in how it works with your body too. When I was switched to Gliizide it is actually easier on my kidneys (why doesnt the apostrophe work for this review?, brings up quick find links only). Plus the smaller pill size is a lot easier to swallow, works a lot better with my system I have between 70-110 for my blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Try asking your Doctor about switching to see if it is perhaps right for you as well.


Albuquerque, NM


Glipizide Diabetes medication

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