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Glidden Interior Eggshell Paint

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Glidden Interior Paint


I recently decided to paint my downstairs family room as since spring was approaching I thought I would get a head start on sprucing things ups so I went to my local do it yourself center and after looking at many different colors and brands I selected Glidden Interior Eggshell Paint as first of all the price was great, eggshell finish seemed just the right finish for the room and I must tell you I have used Glidden brand prior on other projects in painting and was quite pleased with the outcome. Well, again the paint goes on very smooth and evenly. I was happy again that it does dry very quickly and a very low odor which is great as I really don't like paint smells to begin with. What a difference the eggshell finish made to the room as well as the color I choose was in the beige family and really made a huge difference overall. I would definitely recommend Glidden as I would definitely use it again. Quality Great quality. Durability Very easy to touch up when needed. Coverage Goes on quite smooth and evenly. Ease of Appliation Easy to mix and use.


freehold, NJ


Outstanding Paint!


I have had a deep purple color on my bedroom walls since we moved in our house about thirteen years ago. I finally decided it had to go and we needed a lighter color that was more inviting so I purchased this eggshell color. The whole way home I was wondering if it would actually cover the deep purple but it covered fantastically and the application was very easy. It took only two coats to cover the dark color. I love it!




I absolutely love this paint!


Over the past 9 years, I have painted numerous times in numerous rooms with various finishes, and this is my absolute favorite brand of paint. The color came out true to the sample card. The quality of the product is excellent. I loved the consistency of the paint. It was not too thick and difficult to spread, and yet not too thin. The coverage it offers is excellent. I was able to paint a wall with only one coat. It was extremely easy to apply and went on equally well with a brush and with a roller. It dries quickly and evenly over both smooth and more rough surfaces. The eggshell finish of the paint makes it quite easy to clean, and several times I have wiped it clean with just a wet rag. It is very durable, and after 3 years I have not had to repaint the room where I used this. Better yet, it was lower priced than other paints. I highly recommend Glidden paint and will use it over and over again.


Lagrange, OH


1 coat of Glidden Interior Premium Paint was all it took


One coat of Glidden Interior Premium Paint, Eggshell Finish, provided excellent coverage in my bathroom. It definitely is washable. I can understand how Glidden provides Guaranteed Results. Absolutely Beautiful.


Tivoli, NY


Good quality paint in one coat


I purchased this paint to paint my laundry room.  I used a steal blue because all of my shelving and appliances are white.  I needed color while doing my laundry!  I did not use a primer and it only took one coat of paint.  I have used many paints that claim this and I still had to apply a second coat.  I am very happy with the paint quality and look.  I plan to purchase Glidden premium interior paint for my son's room soon.


Appleton, WI




I love this paint! It goes on the wall smooth without drips and adheres to the wall better than any other paint i've used .I highly recommend this paint , it is a 1 coat covers all paint . thank you glidden!


Mill Valley, CA


Glidden's claims of formula improvement seem justified to me.


I recieved some free Glidden paint as a promotional they were doing. They were claiming that their paint was new and improved. I was interested to see if this was true, because I had used Glidden paint colors to paint my house last year but opted for better quality paint by using other brands and getting a color match.I had used a gallon of white Glidden paint last year as well on my baseboards, and it had seemed cheap and thin to me. The new colors did seem new and improved to me. I got three quarts of yellow, green, and blue to try. The yellow and green were thinner than the blue; I'm not sure why. I painted three chairs, and the yellow and green ones took thicker and more coats than the blue. I used one coat of blue on a table and it worked so well. I liked how the blue went on the best. It was the darkest of the three colors; I'm not sure if that makes a different in how thin it is. Glidden's efforts have given me a better impression and I will consider using their paint in the future.


Crestview, FL


Glidden Interior Eggshell Paint

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