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Glidden Evermore Premium Interior Semi-Gloss Paint

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Glidden Evermore Premium semi-gloss is good paint.


The Glidden Evermore Premium interior semi-gloss was perfect for the kitchen. It is not too shiny and is easy to clean up with soap and water after painting. I have tried Behr paint and was dissatisfied with the results. So I decided it was time for something new. I bought the Glidden Evermore Premium interior semi-gloss to paint my kitchen and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of applying the paint and results after one coat. The color I chose, worked great in my kitchen and looks good. I have had to clean some fingerprints from the grandchildren which was not a problems. At least the paint did come off when I washed the fingerprints off the wall. It did not have a paint odor when appying the paint and it did not have a lingering paint odor after it was dry. I cleaned my brushes and other equipment with soap and water after painting. I would recommend trying the Glidden Evermore Premium paint. It is reasonably priced.

Mobile, AL


if u like re-painting...


my husband pressured me into buying glidden b/c of the price dif; i am a behr fan. i was so disappointed, and SO mad when i had to repaint. then repaint again. then spot touch-up a third time!!! it was such thin paint, and dried leaving streaks, and the white paint under showing through! it took SO much longer to paint, plus factoring in the extra gallon of paint I had to buy b/c of the extra coats. i will NEVER buy glidden anything again.

Post Falls, ID


Glidden Evermore Premium Interior Semi-Gloss Paint

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