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Glidden DUO Paint & Primer

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Love it, would buy it for all my painting needs.


2n1 Paint +Primer, kept me from having to go over the whole area over and over again. Took once to do the job, saved me a whole bunch of time. The color was red geranium, nice bright and great coverage. I'm in love.....

Salem, Va


Glidden paint and primer


The overall standings of glidden paint and primer is one of a kind.It's a very good and affordable brand. Quality The quality of glidden paint and primer is very good.You don't have to buy primer cause it's with primer paint.It's a good paint and will cover other paints easy. Durability The durability is great as well.The paint will last a good while and won't peel at all.Also,as long that you cover the lid correctly,the paint will last a few years afterwards just in case you have to do touch ups in anyway.So your house will always look great if you use glidden paint and primer. Coverage Glidden paint and primer will cover all stains and paint on the wall.So you don't need to buy as much paint cause you just need a good coat,that's all.Also you don't need to buy any primer paint too.Cool huh. Ease of Appliation The glidden paint and primer is a very easy paint to apply on the wall or ceiling.The paint is not thick whatsoever.



Glidden DUO Paint & Primer

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