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GlaxoSmithKline Ventolin HFA   With Dose Counter

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Ventolin To The Rescue


Ventolin HFA is the brand name for albuterol sulfate which is ,as the title says a rescue inhaler. This is the first and the only drug I have or have ever had in the brand name. I usually get generics,mostly for Insurance purposes.The reason my doctor wants me to have the brand in this drug is because it has the dose counter on the inhaler.That way I will not get in trouble by running out of the inhaler medication.After all this is a rescue medication and if I need to be rescued I will have the medicine that will rescue me. Ventolin HFA is to be used for bronchospasms. In other words it helps if you have trouble breathing. It is only to be used when it is needed.I am here to testify that it does work.I have Asthma and when I have difficulty breathing, Ventolin comes to my rescue. I take two puffs on my inhaler when I am having problems (an Asthma Attack) as you have probably heard it called and it does help quickly! I do recommend Ventolin HFA if you experience bronchospasms. OR, if you can hear yourself wheezing.

Rocky Mount, NC


GlaxoSmithKline Ventolin HFA With Dose Counter

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