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GlaxoSmithKline Tums Antacid/Calcium Supplement Assorted Fruit 150 Ea

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Exchange Night-Mares For Sweat Dreams With TUMS!


I was in the habit of waking from a night mare with gastic reflux. Tums would ease me to sleep again into sweat dreams. When I would wake up with gastric reflux it was aweful.I would not only have the gastroesophageal reflux that came up from my throat but it was accompanied by pin in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. It was so scarey.When I told my Family Doctor about it she would tell me to try a TUMS. So I bought some right away and took them home. The next time I was awakened by the gastroesophogeal reflux I grabbed the Tums that I had on my night-Stand.I chewed up two of them and swallowed them. Afterwards I drank some water. I could not believe it.The gastroesophogeal reflux disappeared .The chest pains eased off and completely disapeared. And, pretty soon I was fast asleep and having sweat dreams. This was pretty remarkable. I have kept Tums by my bedside since then. I would certainly recommend Tums to anyone with acid or gastroesophageal reflux!

Rocky Mount, NC


good product but can't bear the taste


Tums was the first thing prescribed to me by the doctor when i was pregnant. She asked me if i would be able to intake 1200 mg of calcium everyday by eating natural foods. And my answer was no so she aske d me to start taking these to fulfill daily calcium requirement. I bought this assorted pack of tums and took these for a couple of days.Being pregnant severaly limits what mediciation you are allowed to take. Tums are always on the safe list. Heartburn and sour stomach are very common problems.Tums work good on it. Although i was never a fan of tums taste but still could bear it in starting for a couple iof days But after a while i used to feel nauseatic as soon as i will pop them in my mouth. I simply couldn have even one of these. So i asked my doctor to prescribe me some poping pill for calcium fulfilment and she asked me to pick up anything over the counter. Now having delivered, i still can't take tums .I guess i developed that uneasy feeling about its taste in my pregnancy and its here to stay. Otherwise its not bad. My main reason for using this product was calcium fulfillment otherwise i am not sure about its strength.Its very moderate.

Jacksonville, FL


Tums is a portable doctor to my tummy!!!!


I came to US in 2003 when after i got married. I initially, i was ok but slowly i started getting heartburn 2 - 3 times a week. I was worried and consulted a doctor. She suggested to take "TUMS". This was 7 years ago. Until now, whenever i get sore stomach or burning feeling i immediately take tums. Especially, the fruit flavored one. Fruit flavored ones helps me a lot. I am a person who cant take or chew tablets that easily. Its like chewing a candy. Moreover, its a calcium supplement. So, no need to worry about the pain. Just take the required amount and enjoy your delicious meal everyday and everytime.    

Woodland Hills, CA


Tums gives me fast relief.


Don't you just hate it when you eat something that tastes great but a short while later leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable?  I do.  When that happens I go get my Tums antacid tablets.  I chew on one of the colored fruit flavored tablets and usually in a short while I get relief.  Of course that relief is in the form of burping but you gotta take the good with the bad--it is relief from the discomfort.  If I still have some discomfort after chewing on one than I will chew on a second one.  I have never needed to chew on more that two in order to get complete relief.  I also feel whenever I am chewing on a Tums that I am helping to keep my bones safe with the calcium that is in them.  They come in a variety of colors and fruit flavors.  I do not have a preference, the flavor of all of them is good.  As with other medicine you should check with your doctor before taking this to make sure it does not adversely interact with any of your other medications

Fountain Inn, SC


A pregnant girls best friend


I have always used Tums, but never more so than when I was pregnant. Being pregnant severaly limits what mediciation you are allowed to take. Tums are always on the safe list. Heartburn and sour stomach are very common pregnancy ailments through the entire pregnancy. I had tums in my purse, at work and by my bed. I used them on a daily basis. It was nice knowing they were safe for me and baby and worked well. There are products that may have worked better as the heartburn always came back, but those are not on the safe medicine list. It is also nice you get an added boost of calcium. One word of advice is do not drink anything after you take them. It seems to reduce their affectiveness, which makes sense. I would recommend them to anyone who only moderately suffers from upset stomach or heartburn and to every pregnant lady out there. If you have sever or recurring issues this probably is mot the product for you.

Hilliard, OH


There's better stuff out there


I tried using this product because I have been having stomach pain and acidity, and it contains calcium (I am lactose intolerant).  I did not think this helped much with my stomach pain.  It didn't taste very good, either.  I have talked to some people about Tums, and most people didn't like it.  They prefered stronger medications like Zantac and Prilosec. Also, I was disappointed when I saw the label.  Tums contains calcium carbonate.  My mother, who has a degree in biology, has told me that calcium carbonate is difficult to absorb.  She recommends calcium supplements containing calcium citrate instead.  Also, Tums does not contain vitamin D or other minerals that help with the absorption of calcium. To sum it up, Tums is not the antacid or the best calcium supplement.  Try stronger medications, ask your doctor to recommend a different product, and avoid foods that can increase acidity.  For a calcium supplement, you are better off taking a product with calcium citrate and/or vitamin D, or just a good multivitamin.

Lenexa, KS


GlaxoSmithKline Tums Antacid/Calcium Supplement Assorted Fruit 150 Ea

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