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Gladiator Workbench Powerstrip for 6 and 8 Ft. Workbenches


96" Workbench Electrical Powerstrip Keeps Everything Plugged In

The Gladiator 96" workbench powerstrip is the ultimate in workbench convenience and organization. Keep all of your appliances and power tools plugged in, charged and ready for action, thanks to nine built-in overload outlets. It gets even better with the plus of having two outlets in back and seven outlets in front. The two outlets in back make it easy to leave those tools plugged in that you rarely unplug.

Everything you could think of wanting to plug in, can be with the 96" workbench electrical powerstrip. It fits perfectly on a 6' or 8' Modular workbench, making you feel like you have a custom setup in the garage. The powerstrip is great for your non-electrical tools, too. The workbench has 2 12" tool caddies built in. Now you don't have any excuse in putting that project off. All of your tools will be at your fingertips, ready to use.

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Gladiator Workbench Powerstrip for 6 and 8 Ft. Workbenches

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