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Gladiator EZ RTA 48" Extra Large GearBox Wall Cabinet


The Gladiator® 48" Extra Large GearBox isn’t shy about it’s larger than normal frame and loves to be stuffed. Pack it full of camping gear, plastic tubs or any of your larger gear. And the 48" Extra Large GearBox is surprisingly flexible for its size. The two adjustable shelves let you customize what goes where on the inside.

The new EZ design of Gladiator brand’s Ready-To-Assemble cabinets allows select models to be put together in half the time. The more efficient design also means fewer parts and pieces, so you stop wasting time on storage assembly and spend more time working on the projects you enjoy.

All Gladiator® Ready-To-Assemble cabinets are equipped with a heavy duty steel construction, hammered granite finish and bold Tread Plate design for a sturdy, trusted place to store your garage items.

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large and in charge


The Gladiator 48 inch Extra Large GearBox Wall Cabinet is quite nice. It's very big compared to other cabinets I've seen out there, which makes it perfect for storing all my camping equipment all in one place. I like to camp and I do it quite frequently, so I have a lot of gear, and I really like having it all in one place so I'm not hunting everywhere in the garage for everything I'll need when I head out on a camping trip. No matter what you are planning on storing in these cabinets, I think you will like the big size that allows you store more things, so you can have everything inside the cabinets and don't have to have as many cluttering your garage. I like that it's tall, so it takes up more wall space vertically. While this cabinet is bigger than most, it's still pretty easy to maneuver into place. It's easy enough that I feel free to reorganize and change it's location without it being a big ordeal.



More of a challenge to fit togehter but finished product is good


The gladiator EZ RTA 48 inch Gear box Wall Cabinet turned out to be quite a challenge putting it together but the finished product made it worthwhile. It looks good and matches the other cabinets and shelving and most important is is strong enough to hold those storage items. The unit has one adjustable shelf and 1 stay in place one. Like the other Gladiator shelving, this cabinet is heavy duty steel construction and looks great and matches the other Gladiator shelving. This set of shelves was the most difficult to put together and had we tried to put it together first we would probably just cancelled the whole thing. Overall the Gladiator brand of cabinets are called "ready to assemble" cabinets and are good cabinets for the money but when it came to this one, It was almost like some other company had made this cabinet. The unit does come with a limited ten year warranty.



Gladiator EZ RTA 48" Extra Large GearBox Wall Cabinet

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