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Gladiator 77" 4 Shelf Rack 8000 LB Capacity


77" 4-Shelf Rack 8000-Lb. Capacity Is Tons of Organization

The Gladiator 77" 4-shelf rack 8000-lb capacity is the perfect shelving unit for people who have run out of floor space in the garage for off-season snow tires or emergency generators. It's fantastic in the basement for people who have gotten into warehouse shopping or home canning. No matter where you use it, these shelves will give you 50 square feet of space that can support up to four tons. That's more than the average elephant weighs.

The 77" 4-shelf rack 8000-lb capacity has steel shelves and a heavy-duty welded frame. A layer of protective coating protects the metal's hammered granite finish. Assembly is required, but Gladiator's exclusive tool-free design makes that easy.

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Great storage in my craft room.


I bought two sets of these Gladiator four rack shelves to use in my craft room. With all the different types of crafts and do it yourself projects I try I needed large open shelving so I would be able to store bigger things as well as littler things and still be able to see them quickly. They were fairly easy for me to assemble. I did get them set up all by myself with minimal frustration-so that was a plus. They are super sturdy though, which I love. As I have multiple times stood on the bottom shelf to reach something on the top- not that I recommend doing that . They are fairly easy to clean, not they are really something that I make a point to clean- but I have had to wipe them down a couple of times because of paint spilling and other spills. I was surprised at how affordable they were. I was expecting to have to pay quite a bit more than I ended up. So I will admit that I am quite pleased with the price. They are well worth it. They are much better than the plastic shelving units that I had been using prior. I would recommend these.



holds so much


This holds so much! The Gladiator 77 inch 4 shelf rack holds everything. It has a 8,000 lb capacity. I have never come anywhere even close to meeting that capacity, and actually have a hard time imaging someone could, but it's able to do so if you want it to. While having that kind of strength wasn't the prime reason I chose this rack, it is nice to know that I can come home with something ridiculously heavy and it's there to handle it. The main reason I chose these shelves is the size. I like how much space this has to hold things. The shelves themselves are a nice size, and then the space between the shelves I have found is ideal for larger things. I like how tall it is, so I can store less used items on the upper shelves out of the way. With this rack holding so much stuff, I have been able to clear up so much space in my garage and I love that. They may not be the best looking shelves but they do a great job so I'll put up with their less than stellar appearance.



Gladiator 77" 4 Shelf Rack 8000 LB Capacity

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