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Gladiator 52" 10-Drawer Roll-Away Tool Chest


Get the perfect mega fortress for storing hand and power tools. The Gladiator® 10-Drawer 52" Roll-Away provides the space needed to store and protect the big, the tall and the wide while offering the ability to add casters for a mobile tower of power. Stack the Premier Series 10-Drawer 52" Tool Chest on top for the complete, colossal tool storage experience.

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The Gladiator 52" 10 Drawer Roll-Away Tool Chest is amazing. It's everything I could ever want in a tool chest. I love how many drawers it has, so I can really separate things out in their own space, instead of things getting lost from being jumbled up into fewer but bigger drawers. It is a heavy an sturdy tool chest, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to roll it around and maneuver it into the position I wanted it. It was a nice handle running along one end of the chest, for easy handling. The top of the tool chest makes a great makeshift workbench, or more storage space if you want to just rest things on it rather than working there. The fact that it has ten drawers of different sizes is what sold me on this tool chest. It has the space and the correctly sized drawer for me to store whatever I want, in the best way possible. The entire chest is very manly looking, and fits right in to any garage.



Ten drawer tool chest is heavy duty and movable.


The Gladiator 52 inch 10 drawer tool chest is a great answer to tools being scattered here and there. Ten drawers allowed us to place the tools in the different drawers and not thrown in on top of one another and that sure made finding the tool that we wanted a lot easier. The chest comes with a protective liner for the drawers to keep them from getting scratched and keeps the tools from sliding around. I could not lift my husband's much smaller tool box. Wheels on this huge check makes it easy to move and the steel ball-bearing slides makes it easy to slide the drawers in and out. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the drawers were all cushioned with liners that keeps the tools from sliding around and will keep the chest from being scratched. We find that this chest is a great addition to our storage solution and would certainly recommend it for quality and design.



Gladiator 52" 10-Drawer Roll-Away Tool Chest

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