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Gladiator 41" 12 Drawer Roll Away Bottom Tool Chest


41" 12-Drawer, Roll Away Bottom Tool Chest Offers Space And Security

Get premium protection for your power tools with the Gladiator 41" 12-drawer, roll away bottom tool chest. It is not just a tool chest; it is a 41-inch masterpiece with 12 drawers of generous space to house your biggest gizmo to the smallest accessories. It gives you convenient drawer organization and keeps your favorite tools close. With a weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs., you can take all the tools that usually clutter your space and keep all of them comfortably inside this spacious unit.

The 41" 12-drawer, roll away bottom tool chest spots an interesting 2-piece construction that lets you stack one unit on another. Heavy duty casters make sure your equipment follows you everywhere you go and are reversible to go in any direction you choose. This impressive design is topped off with a hammered granite grey exterior to give it a stylishly modern, refined look.

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Great value for the money


Tools are expensive and taking care of them is important and because tools are heavy it is important that the storage unit be strong enough to hold them and keep them dry and most important they need to be readily available. This is where the Gladiator Roll-Away Bottom Tool Chest shines bright. The box is heavy duty, doesn't warp with the weight of the tools. doesn't bow the shelves. The wheels on the box makes it easy to move tools to where I am working and saves time. A lot of the tool boxes that I looked at didn't come with the drawer protectors but this one did and those are needed to keep the tools from sliding around in the box and it keeps them from scratching. I was looking for something compact, would hold a lot of tools and help to organize them. I wanted it to look like it was a part of my shop but be compact enough not to take up a lot of room. I would highly recommend this tool box.

Peoria, AZ


Gladiator 41" 12 Drawer Roll Away Bottom Tool Chest

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