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Gladiator 4' GearWall® Panels (2-Pack)


4' Gearwall Panels (2-pack) Gives You The Tools For Organized Workshops

Being able to find things in your garage and workshop is easy when you line your walls with Gladiator 4' gearwall panels (2 pack)! Instead of having a disaster in the making, your garage becomes the ultimate man cave with room for more of those toys that make life cool. Store the bikes on one wall, your tools on another and your sports equipment on yet another. With all that extra space, you can have the guys over for game day without tripping!

You don't have to worry about the weather with 4' gearwall panels (2 pack)! Each durable PVC/resin panel can take whatever Mother Nature dishes out, tolerating temperatures from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Easy to install by attaching straight to visible wood studs or wood, studs covered by drywall, gearwall panels can hold up to 50 pounds per panel.

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Storage Solution


These wall storage panels are a bit on the pricey side, especially is trying to cover a large portion of your wall but in the end worth every penny for home owners. I would not recommend to renters unless just using in small space since multiple panels would be needed for large areas which equals more holes in the wall to be repaired later on. One great feature is the versatility of this shelving unit. You can purchase many different storage accessories that work with these panels ranging from shelves, cabinets, and hooks. This type of versatility makes your storage options endless. You can also constantly change the wall to meet your current needs without having to remove the actual mounts creating new holes whenever you want to change up your arrangement. We use ours for keeping yard tools off the floor or huddled up in a corner, car tools readily accessible, and my wood tools at hand. We also have a couple bins for muddy shoes near the bottom for the snowy/muddy season. The configuration possibilities are truly endless.




Creates space, but expensive


My garage was cluttered with tools and made moving around a challenge so I decided on purchasing Gladiator 4' GearWall Panels. Installing these panels were extremely easy once I properly balanced the first row to the wall. I really like how each panel locks into each other, which allowed me to install these panels without assistance. I easily drilled through the slate panels with 2 1/4 screws, which I had to purchase separately. The grooves on the panels are deep, strong, and have a nice smooth finish. I have added many attachment hooks and cabinets to these panel walls with great success. Initially I did have about 60 lbs on a single panel and it started to protrude from the wall slightly. Once I removed some weight the panel went back to it's natural form. The weight limit for each panel is 50 lbs, but I wouldn't go over 40 lbs for long term durability. The attachments have greatly helped me to organize all my hand tools and most importantly free up floor space. Because of these changes my garage has transformed into a useable stylish hardware store display. The only downside to these panels is that they are expensive. I would definitely recommend the Gladiator 4' GearWall Panels because they create space and changes the look of any garage.


Westchester, IL


Gladiator 4' GearWall® Panels (2-Pack)

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