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Gladiator 24" Wall GearBox® Cabinet


The Wall Mount GearBox Cabinet Keeps Sensitive Personal Items Safe

Clear all of the clutter out of your garage, office, or basement with the 24" wall GearBox cabinet. You can get all of your personal items off of the floor and into a simple organized space at a great price. The heavy-duty welded steel construction is known for its stellar long-lasting strength. With a 50-pound shelf capacity, you'll sleep well at night knowing that your gear is stored safely. You'll never have to stress about your fragile or expensive items getting damaged or broken again.

The wall mount GearBox cabinet can be used in conjunction with the GearWall Panels and GearTrack Channels. You can install and reposition it with ease with either Gladiator item. Simply move or slide the cabinet to a new position on the Gladiator Wall System. You can also attach the GearBox right to the wall studs or through drywall over wood studs.

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Good storage component but has faults


I purchased the Gladiator 24" Wall GearBox Cabinet to store some light tools, nuts, bolts, and other miscellaneous items for quick access. I easily installed the cabinet to the panel wall by simply hooking the top portion into the grooves. I really enjoy the extra space and storage convenience this cabinet has provided me, but there are some issues with the design of this unit that prevent it from being a great unit. I wish that this cabinet had some sort of locking component to it instead of a magnetic latch. The magnetic strip does hold the door in place, but any one can gain access to the cabinet's contents. Also, if anything of significant weight is against the door it will pop open. My other issue with this cabinet is that the bottom portion of the box is only supported by the panel wall. The bottom half of the box isn't supported by any hooks like the top portion, which presented me with a problem when I loaded up the box. I placed about 40 lbs of hardware goods into the box and I noticed that an indentation of the bottom of the cabinet was left in the panel wall after several hours of pressure. Despite these issues I would still recommend the Gladiator 24" Wall GearBox Cabinet because it is excellent for storing small items and can be placed anywhere on the correct panel wall.

Westchester, IL


Gladiator 24" Wall GearBox® Cabinet

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