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Glade Winter Collection Bayberry Spice Aerosol Spray

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Very difficult to spray


The scent was not bad, a little artificial smelling, but it became very difficult to push the spray button down. The bottle is almost full, but I need 2 hands to push the button and I barely get anything out. Bad design. I have arthritis in my hands and I probably won't buy this again.




I wish it smelled lighter


I saw this for the first time in a magazine and there was a rub here and sniff option. I felt truly taken aback by the way it felt so christimacy and I went ahead and bought it. My joy only lasted that long and soon after using it for the first time I felt it was so freaking strong and the smell well took over all my senses and I was soo overwhelmed. I told my husband I would return it and he said its fine.Its good it has such a strong scent as it masks all other odours. Its beeen lying on the kitchen closet and I use it sparingly as I feel its makes me dizzy, its so strong and chemically. I probably dont respond so amazinly to strong odours and that could be linked to me strong dislike for this green christimasy bottle. I like scents which linger and are breatheable and this one is not. If you have allergies and are sensitive towards scents, this one is definitely not for you. Its tooo overwhelming.


Chicago, IL


Wasn't all that crazy about Glade Bayberry Spice


At first, I was pretty impressed with the scent of Glade Bayberry Spice. My husband likes to spray air fresheners probably three times as long as you're supposed to, so I bought two of this scent in case he decided to go haywire and use it all up before the holidays were even over. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with another full can of it (half way into January), and can I just say... yuck! I don't really want to use it anymore, but I also don't want to waste it... so I only spray it in the basement or in the bathroom after someone does you-know-what. After a few uses, the scent became overpowering and literally nauseating. I can't even really describe how the Bayberry Spice smells, but it is definitely not a scent I will be buying in the future. Unlike Cinnamon Apple and other holiday scents, Bayberry Spice does not even fit in with the winter scents category, in my opinion. I will stick to everything scented cinnamon, apple, or pine for the holidays.


Youngstown, OH


Glade Bayberry Spice is the percect holiday scent!


Glade Winter Collection Bayberry Spice Aerosol Spray is my favorite scent for the holidays! The scent is the scent of a Winterberry Wreath with hints of citrus and holiday spices. To me it smells like the holidays. My family has an artificial tree so we miss the fresh scent of pine. Winterberry is a mix of pine scent & winterberry so we get that wonderful smell again. And unlike other strictly pine scents Bayberry spice has a fresh scent and has a light citrus and spice scent mixed in. It reminds me of the scent of holidays from my childhood. It brings back those wonderful memories. In addition to the aerosol spray it's also available in scented oil plug ins & scented oil candles, & regular candles. I purchased all of them & have been using them in my home since Thanksgiving. I believe that every guest I've had in my home has commented on the lovely scent. I'm having friends over for New Year's Eve & will continue to use Bayberry Spice to make my home more inviting.


Canton, OH


Glade Winter Collection Bayberry Spice Aerosol Spray

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