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Glade Tough Odor Solutions Spray- Pet Odor Eliminator- Fresh Scent

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Convenient reliable economical spray


Glade Tough Odor Solutions dispenses a fine mist and a fresh scent by depressing the lockable green plastic button on top of a solid aluminum can. It's a mystery what's inside, but the directions say to spray in an upward sweeping motion. Household air quality is instantly freshened with just a few short sprays, or long blasts when that is more suitable. I don't have a pet, listed on the can as one of it's primary purposes, but use it frequently for guests and when cleaning my apartment. Because I know of very few other freshener-sprays I give Glade the highest mark, not only for the quality of the fine mist dispensed but for the unbreakable reliability of the can and the green plastic depressor. At the same time, it's so effective that one use seems to last forever. I don't go through Glade Tough Odor Solutions too quickly. It's a very good product, one that I would buy again.




Above average air freshener


Cats stink. I learned this recently when my wife and I started fostering them. I had never had a cat before so this came as news to me. Well, I guess to be fair I should say that cat litter boxes stink but, either way, I started to notcied that we have a problem. That's what motivated me to pick up a canister of Glade Tough Odor Solutions-Pet Odor Eliminator. I went with this product because it's packaging seemed to insinuate that it was the most heavy-duty air freshener available. It claims to fight 'even the toughest cooking, pet and bathroom odor.' So how does it work? I'd say it works well, but not amazingly well. One thing I like about It is that it sprays a finer mist than most other air fresheners. I imagine that's part of the reason this product works better than most others. I also like the 'fresh' scent. So does it take care of the cat stink? The ultimate test. Not really. But it does make it better. And I suppose that's all one can ask.


Minneapolis, MN


Didn't like can


I am not usually picky about the can my stuff comes in but this one has been hard for me to spray. I feel like it has to be pumped but it doesn't. It just seems to Squirt on the floor instead of spaying where I want it to spray. It is a nice looking bottle and I very much like that but I wish the sprayer would work better. I do like the scent and it seems to work well when I can get it to come out where I want it too. I like their selection of different sprays for different things and how many scents they have on the shelves. It gives me lots of variety so I do not have to worry about going in and ending up with a smell I can not stand in the end. The fact that they came out with such a nice smelling candle helps me trust them as a brand. The can has lasted me for some time but I do not know if that is because I can't get the stuff out of the can so I try less or because there seems to be a lot packed in the can.


Tulsa, OK


Excellent air freshener


I recently bought the Glad Tough Odor air freshener because I had a great coupon and paid hardly anything for it.  I had been looking for something that would eliminate the odor caused by my cat's litter box.  They have the habit of not covering up their feces, so it would smell really bad sometimes!  So I bought the Glade Tough Odor in both scents they offer.  I am very happy with it!  It eliminates the litter box smell almost instantly.  And the scent is really fresh and lasts a long time.  I also have three small boys, all in diapers, so their rooms tend to stink sometimes.  I use this spray and it freshens their rooms and elimantes the odors.  Another place I keep a bottle of the Glade Tough Odor spray is in my kitchen.  I hate the smell that cooking can leave behind.  So I keep a bottle in the kitchen and use it while I am cleaning up after dinner.  It takes away the kitchen smells and is pleasent and fresh.  I will buy more!


Greencastle, PA


So Fresh, So Clean


Glade Tough Odor Solutions Spray is a really great product.  We have two dogs and smokers in the house but Glade takes care of it all.  Compared to other sprays, Glade Tough Odor Solutions Spray is on the expensive side, but I find it to be worth it.  The stainless steel look of the bottle doesn't make me feel like I need to put it out of sight.  It actually adds to the room decor.  I don't feel like I'm using too much of the product because the trigger only allows just enough out and a little goes a long way with this product.  The effects could be a little longer lasting, but still last quite long.  We find ourselves saying "so fresh, so clean" when we use it.  Other products feel heavy in the air and you can tell that you're just trying to cover up odors.  With Glade Tough Odor Solutions, it actually smells like the odors have been neutralized and eliminated.  It comes in two scents, Fresh Scent and Clear Springs.  I have them both and love them both!


Trenton, NJ


Glade Tough Odor Solutions is AMAZING!


I bought this because I had a greta coupon for it.  I am so glad I did!  This pet order eliminator works better than ANYTHING I have ever used on my little box odors.  I have four inside cats and two litter boxes, the smell can be strong.  This helped clear up the odor super quickly and lasted for quite a while.  I even used this for my two boys diaper trash pail!  WOW!  Great product!  I LOVE this fresh scent - it smells like green apples!  YUMMY!


Iliff, CO


Glade Tough Odor Solutions Spray- Pet Odor Eliminator- Fresh Scent

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