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Glade Solid Air Freshener

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Small Spaces Only


I didn't expect this little cone shaped air freshener to smell up my whole house but I had a little higher expectation. I bought 4 of these and use them over the course of a couple months, one at a time. At 1st I put 1 in a living room that is approximately 20' by 15'. You could smell the freshener if you were with in approximately a 5' radius after that there was no smell detected. I used the 2nd one in my bathroom. That Room is approximately 7' by 10'. That Room I could smell it perfectly when walking in and it lasted about a month with a nice scent. I used another 1 in my kitchen and really could not smell it until I put it in the garbage closet which is just a very small closet that only fits the garbage can and a broom with 2 shelves above it for storage. Every time I opened the door there was a nice release of the clean linen scent. It covered the garbage smell nicely. I would purchase this again for the very small spaces but it really did no good to have it anywhere other than a small, closed in area. The clean linen scent is a very neutral smell.

Defiance, Ohio


Smell really good but wish they would last longer!


I love glade air fresheners. I use them throughout my entire house. However, I wish they would not dry up so fast. They smell good for a few days and then they seem to dry up and not smell anymore. I wish they would make the product so it can last a little bit longer. However, I am satisfied with this product and love all of their scents!



fresh long lasting scent


New Glade solid air freshner long lasting gel is definately a good product. My son gave me one in Crisp water scent. This freshner comes in a cone shaped container . It is long enough to fit between the thumb and middle finger. The bottom is round enough where you cannot get your fist around it. The fresh fragrance can be enjoyed two different ways. You can lift up the lid, or pull dowh the bottom away from the base. Either way the scent comes through. I have used this Crips water glade solid for over a month and it is still going strong. You can smell it but the fragrance is not over powering. And has not irritated my eyes or throat. i will purchase more of these and put them in every room in the house.

Roanoke, VA


Glade Solid Air Freshener

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