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Glade Scented Gel PlugIns - All Scents

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Glade Scented plugins makes my house smell so good!


I love having Glade Scented Gel Plugins in my house at all times. I love how it makes my house smell yummy and fresh. I would recommend getting these plugins in your home. The smell makes me happy. My favorite plugin scent is apple cinnamon. It is so easy to use these.



The amount of scent depends on the size of the room


Like most people I like my house to smell nice. Personally I prefer the air freshener with a night light on it, but the store I was at didn't have anything like that so I decided to give the Glade Scented Gel Plugins. The plug ins as you would expect plug in to the wall. When they are plugged in they eat up just enough to activate the scent. The scent is inside this little gel pack that you need to place inside of it. As the scent is used up it kind of becomes little particles, and when all the gel is gone and you are only left with particles it is time to change the gel pac. The Glade scented gel comes in scents such as lavender, lilac, apple, and tropical, vanilla, and clean linen. Frankly I prefer fruity scents so obviously I get only the apple or the tropical. Then scent lasts about 6 weeks. How strong the scent is really depends on what room you put them in. The smaller the room the stronger the smell, also the location you put them in makes a difference as well. I keep on in the upstairs hallway and the plug is near the floor, you can't smell that one all that much but the ones in the bathroom at times can be quite strong. If they bother certain people when they are in the bathroom for instance they can just unplug it and place it in another room while they are in there, and the replug when they are done. Not all people like the same scents. So far it works pretty good. it does the job but like I said the size of the room and where you plug them in makes a difference.

Crystal Lake, IL


Not Good For Asthma Sufferers...


I like a fresh smelling home and I'm always trying different products to keep my home smelling fresh and clean. I tried these Glade scented plug ins because they were on sale at the grocery store. I must say that I was very disappointed. The scent is strong and noxious and overwhelms the entire room. My husband and daughter are both asthma sufferes and they had to use their inhalers several times in the room these were in. My sister in law came over and stated that she had a hard time breathing and that the smell just overpowered her. Needless to say, they went straight to the trash can. I'm hesitant now to try any new scented products, aside from those that I am confident in. Given the popularity with Glade and their products, I'm surprised that there haven't been many more similar complaints, especially since three different people in my household had the very same reaction to the product.

Cherry Hill, NJ


Glade Scented Gel PlugIns - All Scents

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