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Glade Relaxing Moments Cool Serenity Spray

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Glade is not worth buying


I use to use a great deal of Glade products...they smell OK and come in a variety of scents, usually seasonal.I love for my house to smell clean and fresh. Since the weather didnt always seems to allow for open windows, Glade seemed to be the next best thing. However, I did some research ( I am ashamed to have waited so long) and I learned that Glade still uses animal testing on their products. To me, a scented product is hardly worth what this company is responsible for doing to animals....I can not even imgagine how the dog whose eyes are being held open only to have glade product forced in its eyes must feel. Or how about the countless other animals who are forced to ingest Glade products into their bodies. There is no point to test any Gade product on any animal.....after all no animal will ever use this product and after learning that Glade doesnt respect life in all forms, I will not use the product either. There are alternatives. I will never recommend a Glade product. In fact if anyone asks me, I will speak against it.

Bellaire, OH


I enjoy Glade relaxing moments


I am a fan of room spray to freshen up a room during the winter when it can get a little stuffy in the house. I purchased this spray and am somewhat pleased with it. I do like the aroma, however I feel like it doesn't linger as long as other sprays I have used. Glade does have some stronger scents in their collection and I would classify this as one of their weaker ones. I do like the way it smells, but it is weaker and not as long lasting.It is very relaxing though. Sometimes I spray it in my bedroom right before I go to bed and it almost feels like it does have a relaxing effect. But if my dog makes a mistake in the kitchen and I clean it up and mop up the floor, spraying this in the room doesn't mask or cover up the odor which is kind of disappointing. The dog odor still lingers afterwards. Their winter or holiday collection seems to have more kick to it. But for an added zing to any room, this works fine,

Port Washington, WI


Any in this line is great!


  I was almost out of room spray, so since I had a coupon, I purchased The Glad Spray.  I usually purchase the really cheap stuff, so this was a treat for me.      Let me just say that this spray is AMAZING!  The scent is wonderful and lingers in the air long after you spray, which is plenty long enough to get rid of the offending odor (know what I mean?).  This stuff is so good, that I had to teach my children to use only a small amount.  Yah, I will confess that I bought the really cheap stuff where you use half the bottle to get the desired result.  But with this spray, you only need a couple of little squirts and you are done.  Thus making the product very cost effective.      I liked the first can so well that I went on to get every one of the Christmas flavors when all those coupons came out. Those scents, expecially the Bayberry spice is REALLY good!  I still am seeing alot of coupons for this product, but I think I am stocked for awhile.  It is with much regret that I will have to control myself.

Saint Clair Shores, MI


great smell


I love this spray.  I can spray it and about 1 hr later I still smell it lingering in the house.  It is very refreshing instead of the heavy perfumy or medicine smelling sprays that my husband buys.  I even like it better than Fabreez. 

South Milwaukee, WI


Nice relaxing scent


This is one of my favorite scents right now. This product works really well at covering up any odors in your home, but the plus is the wonderful scent which reminds me of being in a spa. The design is also well thought out. There i a lock on the top of the can to prevent the can from being sprayed accidentally. This is a great idea for any home with small children. The can of spray is relatively inexpensive and seems to last for months. Great value!

Bellevue, NE


Glade is used in my house daily.


**Glade Relaxing Moments **is one of the best air freshners I have used.  When you need to freshen the house quickly just grab the **Glade Relaxing Moments**, when you need a sent in the air to calm things down in the house, make everyone relaxed.  I have Water Blossoms it is a crisp water, lavender and casablanca lily, it is just wonderful.  It is very arromatic and fruity like your on the beach or in a flower garden.  When I am ready to go to sleep my husband will spray the room with this new **Glade Relaxing Moments **and I am out in no time.  I truly think it is a good bargain.  It is a Johnson a family company product so you know it is a high quality product.  Glade candles are a great smell for long term, the **Glade Relaxing Moments **doesn't last as long as i'd like.  I would deffinatly recomend this product to all my friends.  The crisp smell in the air when you have been in a dirty world is wonderful to come home to. 

Judsonia, AR


Glade Relaxing Moments Sprays- relaxing scents


I love and trust Glade products. I have for all of my adult life. My home smells so fresh and clean because of Glade. I recently bought the two new scents in Glades Relaxing Moment's Spray Collection. Island Escape with blue ocean fig and mango fruit and another one Water Blossoms crisp water, lavender and casablanca lily. They are both heavenly. I sprayed them in the air vent and it was no time both my son and husband came out of the rooms asking "hey what is that wonderful smell?" Isn't that wonderful? I bought them both on sale and with coupons too. I love them and not sure if they will be a seasonal item so I am going to go back while I can and stock up. I did clip more coupons out of the papers and magazines for them and other Glade products. SC Johnson and Glade is good about coupons. The price is wonderful too and always on sale somewhere. The bottle is a metal canister and is shaped much different than any other brand or product that I have purchased before. It is easier for me to hold, I have severe Arthritis and pain in my hands and squeeze pumps for air refresher are difficult. So I am very happy that these are very easy to spray. I will highly recommend these products along with all of Glades others.

SmallTown, GA


cool serenity smells great!


I just tried new glade relaxing moments- cool serenity. wow! it is one f the most relaxing, and refreshing air fresheners I have ever bought! I started out with the candle that is also cool serenity. I thought that smelled great! So I went and bought the spray to match it! It is now my favorite air freshener!  I has smells of soothing waters, peony flowers, and sandalwood. I have never been a fan f sandalwood until now! These three fragrance's together really work together!! I love it! When i come home at night I spray it a couple times in the middle of the room. It smells good all night! And when they said relaxing moments, they eren't lying! this stuff is great for someone who works hard and wants to come home and instantly relax! I use it every night and I olmost feel rich! it is inexpensive but smells like a million bucks! take-it from me, if you like to relax and love good scents, try this! I know it-will be your favorite too!

Cleveland, OH


Glade Relaxing Moments Cool Serenity Spray

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