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Glade Plugin Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder

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I love Glade oil plugins


I have tried Bath & Body Works oil warmers and Air Wick oil plugins, and by far, I believe Glade has the best. I notice the Glade plug-ins scent last longer , than the other brands. Each warmer starts off great for the first week. But by the second and third week the other two plug-ins you can barely smell them. The Glade oil warmers are still going strong by the third and fourth week. I have them throughout my house, in each bedroom, bathroom, and in the living-room. I feel I get my monies worth with these oil plug-ins. Each fragrance is really nice, I really can't say which one is my favorite. I also like the fact it seems I can always find coupons for these oil plugins, as well as frequent sales. I try to stock-up on them when they do go on sale. I also like the fact you can control the amount of scent you would like on the Glade plugin. I start off with the lowest setting, and as the weeks progress, I adjust the settings for more fragrance. There are more than several oil scented fragrances to choose from as well. Glade is also makes seasonal oil fragrances too, new scents for the spring, fall, and holiday scents as well. I would like to add also, there are two Glade warmer holders- 1. has a fan- this one gives more fragrance. The second one is just a warmer, which gives a milder fragrance. I prefer the fan version, I like walking into a room with a nice aroma.



Why Change a good thing?!?


I Have always used Glade Plugins,for as long as I can remember(my favorite scent Apples/cinnamon) But since Glade and Airwick joined together and glade changed the design of their plugins so it could fit either or unit, they just don't work like they use too! The design of glade plugins now barely fits in the glade units any more,and if they do they are hang there very loosely,and barely getting threw the unit, and it's not likely you will even notice a smell coming from it, it just doesn't sit right in the unit, and yes I have glade plugin in regular holder,fan unit, and the dual holder, and it doesn't fit right in any of them! so unfortunately I just don't waste my time and money on them anymore. Again I ask Why Change a good Thing?!?

Cary, IL


Glade Plugin Scented Oil Refill: Crisp Waters Lovely Aroma


I used the Glade Plugin Scented Oil Refill as part of the BzzAgent spring cleaning campaign. The Crisp Waters has a delicate fragrance that helps me to relax and enjoy the moment. Plugins are a wonderful addition for people who like an aroma in the family room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. There is a turning knob to adjust the level of the fragrance from one - five as five with the strongest aroma.

Torrance, CA


Good scent, but a little strong


Well, I tried the Glade Plugin oil fragrance warmer. As a bzzagent, I got a sample scent and a coupon for the warmer. It smells good, but it's kinda strong. I put mine in the bathroom so the baby couldn't get to it. I periodically have to take it out for awhile when it gets too strong. Perhaps if it was plugged into a more central, open space, it would not be so overwhelming. I do like the scents, though. I can imagine it might get kinda pricey to run all the time, though. It's interesting how the holder goes back and forth between smells. There does not seem to be a way to set it on one scent where it would stay. Perhaps if I take one of the scents out of the holder, it will solve the probelem of being too strong. Overall, it's a nice gimmick, but I have heard others say Air wick has less expensive products. I have not tried those so I cannot compare. I recommend using this if you have a central, open location to plug it in and don't have to worry about young children bothering it.

Venice, FL


Glade Plugin Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder

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